Sandra Benhaim, "Time is of the Essence 2," 2011,  Oil, oil paintstick, collaged papers & postage stamp, acrylic paint on primed board, 12 x 12"
Sandra Benhaim, "Deep Into Orange," 2019, mixed-media on archival paper, 11 x 8"
Sandra Benhaim, "Study in Blue," 2020, oil pastel on archival paper, 8.25 x 10"
Diane Goodman, "Kinderveld-001," 2022, acrylic, faux silver foil, on wood canvas, 20 x 20"
Diane Goodman, "Nomadish," 2021, acrylic on wood, ephemera, panel, 20 x 20"
Diane Goodman, "Symbolish," 2023, acrylic on wood canvas, 10 x 10"
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Satellite Events

In sociological terms, entropy refers to the human tendency towards a gradual decline into chaos. In the hands of an artist, color can be used in explorations of complex societal issues as a powerful instrument of order and structure. Artists Sandra Benhaim and Diane Goodman employ full frames of exuberant colors in their pieces. Both of the artists' work uses color as a way of engaging with the concept of social entropy, at times either resisting or accepting it. 

Diane Goodman, a self-taught painter, embraces her maximalist tendencies, filling her canvases to the brim with color— leaving little space to breathe. Though the abundance of imagery can spark impressions of chaos, Goodman uses personal symbology to bring a distinctive order to her pictorial narratives. Goodman uses acrylic and found historical images on wood and canvas as she interprets Jewish folklore, superstition, and magic with a technicolor palette of the late 20th century. 

Sandra Benhaim applies layers of exuberant color and texture to communicate enthusiasm and hope for the natural world. In her work, imagined landscapes tend not towards disorder but instead towards a gradual, but ultimately triumphant, emergence of a new and beautiful world for viewers to explore and reflect upon.

Together, Benhaim and Goodman demonstrate how the decisions made while applying color to canvas— how much, what shade, and where— can actualize the potential to reinforce or challenge the status quo and offer an intuitive new way to experience and understand the world around us.


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