Christina Penrose, "Cairns," oil/mixed medium, 36 x 36"
Christina Penrose, "Porcelain w/ Red, Blue, & Pink," oil/mixed medium, 36 x 36"
Christina Penrose, "Pears & Apples," oil/mixed medium, 36 x 36"
Matthew Higgins, "Warmth Of The Water," 2021, acrylic and flashe paint on muslin, 40 x 36"
Matthew Higgins, "Navigator," 2022, oil on canvas, 20 x 16"
Matthew Higgins, "Nocturnal," 2021, acrylic and flashe paint on muslin, 56 x 48"
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Onwards, recurrent, beyond—reverberations of the past to the present. In On and Back, Matt Higgins and Christina Penrose bring a modern approach to traditional modes of landscape painting. Through fragmented, abstract deconstruction, Higgins and Penrose clarify primordial emotions we feel (and have felt) in nature.

Higgins uses geometric shapes to transform landscapes into abstract open spaces, with colors that reflect seasonal change. His cyclical artistic process of embarking, departing, and returning to paintings creates evolving temporal landscapes that reflect both past and present. Penrose uses collage, paint, and transfer methods to develop her unique paintings inspired by her travels and the natural elements found in the landscape. Her paintings are created from the subconscious, without a clear destination as she transforms the environment into emotive abstraction, and evokes a continuous beginning.

Both Higgins and Penrose expand and amplify natural environments and elements into modern adaptations of the traditional landscape. An echo of the past transformed into an emotive present.


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