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Satellite Events

Summer J. Hart: Unsaid
site-specific installation
2020, Hand-cut Tyvek, wood hoops, sound
13′ x 10′ x 6′
(photo credit: Summer J. Hart)
Due to stay-at-home restrictions brought on by COVID-19, Commerce Square unfortunately has prohibited public entry. We have provided virtual programming below to best experience this exhibition.
Summer J. Hart’s work is about obsessiveness and obsession, memory, identity, & longing. She uses a blade to draw objects that are indicative of natural forms such as leaves, feathers, barnacles, and seaweed. Sewing, layering, and adding lights & sound allow the work to operate across four dimensions.
Summer is astounded by the resiliency of the forest: the endless process of reproduction, mutation, and evolution. Even after we trample it, cut it all down, build from and over it, new seeds scatter, vines reach. Her work explores the way nature reclaims the built environment. Who or what will fill the vacancies after we have passed through?
In her hand-cut drawings, she uses both the negative and positive pieces—weaving the off-cuts into thickets or clusters, collecting all of the tiny pieces & suspending them to mimic swarms or clouds.
An omen for the augur / that moment when starlings blackout the sun.
////    ////
For Unsaid, Summer recorded the sounds of her blade slicing the paper. Hidden speakers broadcast this delicate sound—like an insect carving through a leaf, into the final installation.
If you listen to the walls, you will hear the creation story of the world you are in.


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