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Our memories are our connection to the past, present, and future. Yet like a kaleidoscope, our recollections morph and recombine into new but similar stories as time passes, until only the gist remains. Fade To Gist at The Yard features the work of five artists, Rachel Citrino, Cathleen Hughes, Alan Lankin, Justin Rubich, and Barbara Straussberg. Visually these colorful, layered works recall the kaleidoscopic nature of memory.
Building collaged layers of color, shape, and texture, Rachel Citrino, Alan Lankin and Justin Rubich create a visual representation of how our lived experiences build upon and affect one another to form our view of the world. Citrino’s large abstract works explore what connects ancient meanings to contemporary ideas. As Lankin shapes his works layer by layer, he envisions space and time converging into a two-dimensional surface resembling a landscape. Rubich’s mixed media works seek to create a viewing experience that is unreliable; one that wavers between being permanent and temporary.
Cathleen Hughes and Barbara Straussberg’s works are reflections on shifts in understanding. Hughes’ pieces are a meditation on space, time, matter, and her own experiences. She creates work that reflects a future harmony she wishes to bring to society through her work. Straussberg’s work evolved after experiencing a loss to reflect themes of origin, aging, memory, passage of time, and reverence for her elders.
These works invite the viewer to reflect on their own lived experiences and the process of remembering and forgetting, inclusion and exclusion.


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