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Installation by Francis Beaty
Suspension gives the impression of incompleteness and looseness, as if a freehand line drawing. The panels function as a marker of space rather than as a border while its irregularity and openness contrast with the solid colored walls of the space. The work suggests an emphasis on hollow volumes and spatial containment. The forms are simple with the potential for boredom that is averted by its scale and additional lighting and the intentional resulting shadows. The sculpture as material finds not only means but meaning in the medium. The screening by its very nature allows for air flow, while containing space. The hanging piece is enveloping enough to be considered an environment.
Francis Beaty’s works are thought provoking vehicles to carry the viewer to a new perspective and heightened awareness of space, texture, dimension, shades, and shadows. Her work has been described as, “…a quiet immersion into an alternate world representative of the artist’s energy, a wordless, delicate beauty juxtaposed by the use of heavy materials: paste, wood, concrete, metal, piping, with softer elements: cardboard, screen, paper and mesh, which leaves one questioning preconceived notions.” She creates work that investigates personal connections through enigmatic, abstract forms. Her process begins with a visual diary that draws from emotional states, emphasizing capsules of time that crystalize feelings and words with color and form.
Francis Beaty is a contemporary Installation artist, painter and sculptor who recently moved to Philadelphia, PA. She is a certified Elementary teacher with an AAS in Interior Design. Francis is an alumna of the Baum School of Art in the late 90’s, and continues to work in her studio in Manayunk, PA.


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