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Satellite Events

InLiquid is proud to present Brecher, King, & Smith at the Courtyard by Marriott Navy Yard. The featured works of Leora Brecher, Richard King, and Tremain Smith all use stripped down geometric patterns and shapes in form as a means of a personal meditation.
Brecher has an affinity for organic objects in nature – stones, bones, and fossils in particular. She explores the juxtaposition of simplicity and complexity in each piece, letting the natural “energy and grace in movement” result in monotone yet intricate organic forms. These forms speak to larger, more abstract truths relating to duality in life: “movement and stasis, turmoil and tranquility, light and shadow.”
As a professional in the field of architecture, King’s inspiration comes from an affinity of natural ruins. Similarly to Brecher, King explores abstract concepts surrounding our existence and interpretation of the world. He works to inspire a subjective interpretation in the viewer by focusing on  these structure’s liminal status, so the viewer may “imagine them as something beyond their present selves” –  in an attempt to tap into the “perceptions and memories the viewer” associates with shapes existent in the physical world, every day.
Smith works to “facilitate healing, both personal and communal.” Her practice is one of intuitive exploration of “inner landscapes,” that often result in abstract renderings of geometric patterns, much like King in form. Through her practice she delves into a personal “spiritual exploration” that results in captivating color schemes through layering oil and wax. Her artistic practice expands to poetry that sometimes is written in direct response to a painting, and as a “conversation that occurs in verse while a painting unfolds.”
The show will be viewable from January 14th, until May 20th at the Courtyard by Marriott at the Navy Yard.


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