Everyone is a Collector

What do you collect?

Share Your Collection

Everyone is a Collector, presented by PNC Arts Alive invites you to share your collection story.  What do you collect?  Is it something traditional like stamps or seashells, or maybe something more unusual? Everyone collects and every collection starts with inspiration and a personal story.

All great museums begin the same way.  They are collections of art and objects built over time by inspired people like you, and stewarded by trained historians and educators to be shared with the public. If you find inspiration in collecting beautiful and meaningful objects, you too can find inspiration in a great work of art and make it a part of your life.

When you start your art collection with InLiquid, you will discover the amazing artists living and working here in greater Philadelphia, and many of them make work that you can afford to take home with you. Visit our Shop InLiquid site to find great paintings, sculptures, ceramics, photographs and more - or come to our gallery and exhibitions throughout the city. Celebrate art with us, support the artists in your community, and begin your art collection.

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