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You Can Never Have Too Much Art!

Lily Horner

InLiquid’s Everyone is a Collector Campaign encourages the sense of community that collecting can provide. Fred Danziger’s collection of over 200 works is a palpable connection between himself and his fellow artists. Collecting is more than a self-fulfilling act; it is a way to support these artists and create these ever-lasting connections.

What is it that you collect?
"Paintings, mostly" Fred Danziger
Tell us everything about this collection! What attracted you to this? What do you like most about it? Which one is your favorite?
"I began collecting in a more than occasional way when some of my former students from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts began to exhibit. When I had my own very first show, back in 1967… one of my teachers from PAFA, Jimmy Leuders, purchased a piece. It was a huge encouragement, and I always thought that if I could, someday, I should do the same.
     What I found surprising, was that having the work of these former students hanging on the walls of my studio, was not only an aesthetic pleasure but it also inspired me. It daily reminded me that art is an important aspect of our humanity. It motivated me to keep going with my own work to the best of my ability. Since that start, I have collected steadily, over 200 pieces at this point. I continue to, enjoy having the work around me, but also find it sustaining, in that I sense the “community” of artists that I am part of, in a very tangible way." Fred Danziger

When did you start your collection?

"In 2009" Fred Danziger
What inspires you most about having your collection in your home?
"That I see serious work by dedicated artists on every wall affirms the better side of our humanity and inspires me personally to do my own work." Fred Danziger
What else do you enjoy collecting?
"Just art!" Fred Danziger
InLiquid supports art and artists in Greater Philadelphia. Tell us what you think of InLiquid and our Everyone is a Collector project.
"This is crucial, especially since the pandemic has hampered galleries, museum and open shows. Artists need an audience- and not just a lot of “likes” on social media (though even that is helpful)- but artists need to see their work leaving their studios and going out into the world!
     To me, there is no greater negative than stacks of unsold paintings in your studio, and no greater positive, than seeing your work welcomed into another’s home or business location. We work regardless, but just as every actor likes the applause of an audience, artists benefit from that same indication of connection." Fred Danziger

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