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Art opens communication paths, stimulates creativity, and above all drives people together. It will bring your corporate brand to life and create engaging environments for your business or home. Partnering with InLiquid not only enhances your space but also supports Philadelphia’s cultural community.

Proceeds from our art consulting partners directly supports public programming with InLiquid’s high quality artist members, allowing Philadelphia’s creative community to flourish. By partnering with InLiquid, you have access to a versatile resource of working artists and original artwork.

Viewer at Into the Woods at Park Towne Place (Diane Deery, "Primal Imprints").

Here is how we work together

Curatorial Services
and Exhibition Management

Whether you know the vision for your space or need a hand, InLiquid art consulting is a way of fostering more knowledge about art and art collecting. InLiquid’s multi-talented staff is continuously creating engaging exhibition spaces and developing new and exciting programming. Each year, InLiquid’s ongoing venue-partnerships culminate in over 40 diverse exhibitions across the region.

Collection Management

Already a collector? By partnering with InLiquid, we help manage your growing collection by assisting with art acquisition, inventory management, valuation, liquidation, restoration, framing and digital archiving.

Partner With InLiquid

InLiquid can help you define your space through art and community engagement, handling all aspects of management from art acquisition and installation to restoration and framing. To get started, you can contact us at 215-235-3405 or submit the informational questionnaire below.

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Check out InLiquid Collaborations

Park Towne Place

InLiquid is the art advisor and program manager for Park Towne Place’s permanent collection alongside rotating exhibitions and events.

The Shape of Tomorrow exhibition
Left to right: Charles Emlen, Larry Spaid, Tremain Smith

Permanent Collection, The Hadley
Left to right: Scott Troxel, Lyn Godley

Permanent Collection, Towne Center
Samantha French

Cira Center

InLiquid collaborated with the Brandywine Realty Trust to add works by local artists to the permanent collection in their offices at the Cira Center.

Scott Troxel
Terebellum III

Scott Troxel: Sparrow
Michele C. Kishita
Inspired Horizon,
Sky's Vista Summer

Kurt Herrmann
Candy Macaw

Living Spaces

InLiquid collaborates with art advisors and interior designers to provide homes with robust and comprehensive collections.

Kevin Broad
Private Residence

Nancy E.F. Halbert
Private Residence

Annette Cords
Private Residence