Artist Membership Guide

InLiquid helps artists launch their art careers.


InLiquid is your DIRECT connection to curators, patrons, and the public at large. You may already have your own website, marketing plan, and connections, but with InLiquid you have a team of professionals working on your behalf to promote, market, and connect you to a wider, global audience. Your InLiquid Membership is a promotional resource for your creative career through our online portfolio, listings and announcements, social media network, and exhibition opportunities.

The InLiquid Membership Guide is your number one source in keeping us up to date on your career development. Use the forms on the bottom of the page to renew your membership, send updates for your artist page, submit a proposal for an exhibition, add artwork to our consulting inventory, and have exhibitions published to our calendar and in our newsletters. By sending us your information via the online forms, you provide the InLiquid Team a more efficient way to manage and promote your submissions.

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• Viewer at Entrances and Exits (Justin Rubich, "Splitscreen V")