About Us

Your support connects artists and audiences throughout greater Philadelphia.


Mission Statement

InLiquid mobilizes and makes accessible the visual arts culture of the greater Philadelphia region in order to unite communities, establish wider audiences for artists and designers, facilitate the relationship between artists and collectors, and nurture the public’s appreciation of all forms of visual art.

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Viewer at Entrances and Exits in the InLiquid Gallery (Matthew Borgen "The Device")

A Brief History

InLiquid was founded in 1999 by local artist Rachel Zimmerman under the observation that the Philadelphia region boasted a huge number of talented visual artists, yet only a small fraction were seen by the public, and the artists themselves were not actively engaged in dialogue and cooperation. Begun informally as a nonprofit online exhibition venue, meeting place, and information resource for artists, the organization quickly expanded its role with an increased number of members, expanded site content, and a regular series of public programs and “real world” exhibitions. Unlike commercial art sites, InLiquid has never existed as an agent for art sales, rather it serves as a free educational resource and conduit for interaction between artists, curators, patrons, and the public. Today, InLiquid is a virtual hub for the visual arts in Philadelphia: online, we are the most comprehensive source for regional visual arts information & activities; in the community, we present dynamic, enriching exhibitions and programs in a variety of flexible public venues. InLiquid received its 501(c)(3) certification in 2002.

Vision Statement

InLiquid is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to creating opportunities and exposure for visual artists through exhibitions in the InLiquid Gallery and satellite exhibition spaces, all while serving as a free, online, public hub that showcases Philadelphia’s vast visual arts culture. We actively promote artists’ work online by constructing public, searchable high quality pages that include contact information, artwork, resumes/bios, statements, relevant links and exhibit history. Through our numerous ongoing exhibition programs distributed throughout the city in galleries and alternative spaces, meaningful partnerships with cultural organizations and corporate clients, unique community-engaged events, and the nurturing of relationships with art collectors, we introduce and connect the quality, diversity and magnitude of our region’s visual art culture to broader audiences, thus directly impacting Philadelphia’s cultural community and economy.

A Vision of Equity: A Work in Progress

Diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion are more than goals to be reached; they are a continual process and practice. As creative people, we strive to embody this progress, driving towards a more just future by building equity in the present. The essential nature of art exists in the communion between artist and audience. Together, through art, we assess, value, and reassess our culture and teach one another about the multiplicity of our experiences and perspectives of what it is to be human. InLiquid recognizes that to be thoughtful and creative, artists and audiences must first feel valued and included. It is integral to InLiquid’s mission to encourage and empower a diverse community of artists and audiences.

Artists who reflect and emanate the vibrant, kaleidoscopic nature of our city create more thoughtful and provocative exhibitions that serve to inspire audiences and move us towards a culture of understanding. InLiquid is committed to diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion in action. We are building strategies to better serve our diverse community through audience outreach and bilingual exhibition materials. We are creating paths for the inclusion of BIPOC artists of all ages and abilities. We are seeking to grow our board and staff to include a range of voices. We will do more; equity is a work in progress. It is a moving target that we actively work to meet.

Art Advisory Committee
InLiquid’s Art Advisory Committee is a group of outstanding fine art professionals with the intention of increasing the connection and dialogue between working artists in the Philadelphia region and the curators, designers, and gallery owners seeking and presenting new work. The Committee is tasked with determining the qualifications of incoming artist members, ensuring the diversity of InLiquid’s membership, and helping regional artists gain access to the vital career services that InLiquid provides. Meet the committee here.

Special Events & Award

The Benefit

The Benefit is InLiquid’s annual party and silent auction of works by over 200 artists. Come for the amazing art and stay for the fabulous party frequented by the city’s artists and cultural elite. Unlike with many charity auctions, Inliquid splits the proceeds from each sale with the artists so that proceeds directly benefit local artists and InLiquid’s non-profit mission. Some artists even choose to donate their portion to help other artists with InLiquid. It’s a great event for a great cause, not-to-be-missed!

Art for the Cash Poor
For over 20 years, InLiquid has presented this super-fun summer art festival, featuring work by over 100 local and regional artists who sell original artwork under $200. InLiquid does not charge a commission on sales, allowing artists to keep their work affordable. Each year boasts a wide array of work in painting, ceramics, jewelry, photography, sculpture, and every other medium imaginable. The festival is often joined by local nonprofits and performers to include music, art demonstrations, and other fun activities.

InLiquid Wind Fellowships
With generous lead support from The Dina Wind Foundation, InLiquid awards fellowships for artistic excellence to outstanding visual artists. Fellows are nominated and juried by an outside panel of accomplished artists, curators, and other arts leaders. In order to reach new and emerging contemporary artists, an open call is held for artists under 30 to apply separately and half of the fellowships are reserved for these young artists.  The Wind Fellowships are designed to offer career support to the recipients, including an online portfolio, extensive PR and marketing, contacts with curators and collectors, professional workshops, exhibition opportunities, and individual interviews and blog articles about their work. A group exhibition featuring work by new fellows is scheduled annually. 

Board of Directors

The Team