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Elizabeth Roan

According to our featured collector, yoga instructor, Rebecca Grites, “Much like finding rare records, finding new artists is a thrill.” And among the many things she collects–from midcentury modern furniture to sunglasses–her record collection is her most beloved. Linking the art experience to her journey in yoga, she tells us, “It’s a thrill to see (artists’) art evolve, to learn their story, and follow their journey. InLiquid lets people from all communities here in Philly (and beyond!) experience the joy in artistic discovery.”

In showing her record collection, Rebecca shares with us just how life and all the art we find in it can be like a fun mixtape; it’s curated by you.

Tell us everything about this collection! What attracted you to this? What do you like most about it? Which one is your favorite?
"Music has always been such a huge part of my life – we were always listening to The Beatles, The Kinks, Simon and Garfunkel, Jonathan Richman, among others in the house as a kid. My brother, Jeremy (who also lives in Philly and has a MUCH larger record collection than I do!), is my best friend. Ever since I can remember he was making me mixtapes, introducing me to bands old and new, and instilling in me how much better wax was compared to cassettes or CDs. I’ve always felt such a strong bond to music; it’s a source of motivation, a source of comfort, a source of inspiration – what else can do all that!? It’s hard to choose a favorite album – in my collection or on my to-get list! – but I have to say my Velvet Underground + Nico self-titled album holds a special place in my heart. It’s an original pressing from the ’60s that was a Christmas gift from Jer. It’s a true treasure for many reasons." Rebecca Grites
When did you start your collection?
"Hard to say…I’m sure I slowly started stealing my parents vinyl when I was a kid (even before I had my own turntable!), simply because I knew they were cool to have alongside art books and photobooth strips. I really started getting serious about it in my early 20’s, and now every city or even small, antique-y town I come across, I sniff out the records and bring home something new." Rebecca Grites
What inspires you most about having your collection in your home?
"I couldn’t live without music, and shuffling through my vinyl when I’m looking for something that’ll perfectly suit my mood is so fun and oftentimes nostalgic. Whether I’m having some “me time,” cooking dinner with my boyfriend, or playing DJ for friends with a round of cocktails, the unmistakable hum of the record player turning on, and the tiny scratch of the needle hitting the record as it begins to play is always the sign of a good time. My favorite music also inspired my “brand” of yoga. I recently graduated Yoga Teacher Training through Three Queens Yoga here in Philly, knowing that my yoga would always be themed, planned, and centered around music of all types. Yoga means union, and nothing brings people together more joyously than some damn good tunes." Rebecca Grites
What else do you enjoy collecting?
"You could say I collect clothes, shoes, handbags, and sunglasses (and I guess that’s true…or I’m just a shopaholic), but I truly love collecting Mid Century furniture, dishes, and art/tchotchkes. I really do believe I was meant to be a young adult in the mid-to-late 60’s.
Rebecca Grites

Patti Smith on the deck! Fun fact: she once purchased art from InLiquid!
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 her record collection
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