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A Huntress of Red

Lisa Manheim
Elizabeth Roan

As we continue to learn about the many collections people have, we begin to learn that some collections rise from the ashes of one that was shattered. In the case of today’s collector, Lisa Manheim, a twenty-five-year collection started from her reignited love for “the hunt.” What is it that you collect? art, puppets, and red magnets.

What is it that you collect?

"art, puppets, and red magnets." Lisa Manheim
Tell us everything about this collection! What attracted you to this? What do you like most about it? Which one is your favorite?
"My red magnet collection started around 25 years ago. I had been collecting Japanese teapots, but a shelf collapsed and most of these valuable teapots shattered. I decided to no longer collect things. But alas, after a while I realized it was the hunt I longed for, not the objects. SO it came to pass, I decided only to collect red magnets or wee red possible magnets. We had a then naked industrial heating ductwork system throughout the house which longed for decoration. We also have a small house on the Columbia River, so of course, magnets started appearing there as well. It was easy to find old saw blades from all the closed mills to hold these gems.
          The magnet parameters are: they fit in my palm, mostly red, different than any others, and cost under $5 each. One great aspect of this collection is that family and friends like to participate in collecting for us. ALSO, I have two grown sons and one collects blue while the other collects yellow. My vision is to combine the magnets on a gallery wall in three stripes of primary color magnets collected through time and space." Lisa Manheim
What else do you enjoy collecting?
"art and sake cups." Lisa Manheim
What inspires you most about having your collection in your home?
"It is FUN and reminds me of my travels." Lisa Manheim
a collection of magnets on saw blades
a collection of magnets on saw blades
a collection of magnets on saw blades
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