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Gene Woodling Memorabilia

Elizabeth Roan

Batter up! This week in our Everyone is a Collector campaign, we introduce you to Jim Lint, a baseball fan and collector of Gene Woodling Memorabilia (a Yankee, but we can let that slide!) Here’s his story on how he got started.

Tell us everything about this collection! What attracted you to this? What do you like most about it? Which one is your favorite?
"My grandfather’s cousin was Gene Woodling. He played for the New York Yankees from 1949 – 1954. I love the stories that my Pap would tell me about baseball. In 1952 he went to see a game in Yankee Stadium. When the game ended, Gene invited my Pap down to the locker room and gave him a game-used ball. Gene then invited my Pap to dinner in Manhattan.
Pap agreed but when he showed up to the restaurant, he noticed a table with about 15 chairs. The entire team showed up and my grandfather asked his cousin Gene to pass the game-used ball around to be signed. I ended up with that ball (Mickey Mantle wasn’t there). But Billy Martin, Yogi Berra, and the whole rest of the team signed the ball." Jim Lint
When did you start your collection?
"I started collecting his cards around 1994." Jim Lint
What inspires you most about having your collection in your home?
"The legacy of my family." Jim Lint

A game-used ball signed by the 1952 New York Yankees.
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