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Rise from your grave to meet your new god.

Pomerium: Ancient Roman city limits inside which it was illegal to bury the dead.
In Pomerium is a forsaken plane, a vacant Eden studded with only the remnants of piety and worship, and inhabited by the works of Roxana Azar, Summer J. Hart, Caitlin McCormack, Emily Selvin, and Allison Sommers. The artworks in this necropolis sprout sinewy and complex systems of overgrowth, reaching out from their desolate landscape towards the light of a new god.
Bleak yet heavily textured environmental elements drape over an extensive, immersive miniature necropolis by Allison Sommers, juxtaposed with sculptural and wall-mounted fetish objects by Emily Selvin and Roxana Azar. Emily Selvin’s stained glass reliquaries and embroideries meet Roxana Azar’s glowing, dichroic photographic works on plexiglass which are reminiscent of gothic windows. Luminous, surreal plant forms by Summer J. Hart accompany the textural canopy, adding punctuations of light and color. These elements commune with unraveling structures, and sculptural amphora by Caitlin McCormack, evocative of medieval tapestry motifs.
Join us In Pomerium for a moment of absolute stillness in an ontological Wasteland. Be aware of the silently creeping new growth from the culmination of these dynamic artists’ works, against the backdrop of a post-human and possibly immaterial world.


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