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The works of Jennifer Manzella and Thomas Murray are dramatic, wistful, and imaginative. Both dealing with ideas of place, natural landscape, and architectural motifs they create dreamlike abstractions of known and created spaces. Through these abstractions they critique the use of land, and the return of nature to a human-made landscape.
The large, colorful abstractions of Murray play with ideas of place, focusing on lush gardens, disjointed compositions, and imitations of architecture, their size and imaginative abstractions enveloping the viewer. They are paired with Manzella’s complex prints, which range from large and colorful to black and white and incredibly small, take us in to experience the intersection of urban, suburban and natural areas.
Jennifer Manzella is an artist and printmaker Born in Wilmington, Delaware and raised in Connecticut. She has received an MFA in printmaking at The University of Georgia and has been an art educator for over 10 years, currently teaching printmaking courses at Arcadia University. She has been involved in several public art projects, grants and residencies in New York City and Philadelphia. She is a member of BYO Print, a printmaking cooperative in the Old Kensington area of Philadelphia.
Thomas Murray lives and works in New Jersey, recently relocated from the US/ Mexico border of South Texas. He earned his MFA at the University of New Mexico in 2003. He works primarily in oil paint, with forays into sound, music composition, performance, and digital video.


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