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Moments Between combines Chris Macan’s stunning uninhabited photographs with Marc Schimsky’s vibrant portrait paintings. Both haunting, poetic bodies of work offer the viewer a chance to reflect on the fleeting and anonymous moments of urban life.
Macan utilizes the photographic technique Solargraphy, which captures the sun’s path across the sky over the course of a day with a pinhole camera. The long lingering from the eye of the camera shutter blurs out the quicker moments: cars zipping by, pedestrians crossing the street, or cyclists weaving in between the two. The aspects of life that change most slowly such as the sun are the only moments captured against the backdrop of what is most permanent in the city: buildings and bridges.
Highlighting the moments that Macan’s Solargraphy’s omit, are the subjects of Schimsky’s paintings. While the humans that live in Macan’s worlds buzz by so fast they are undetectable, Schimskys humans live singularly in worlds without context. The backgrounds of washes of color and checkerboard pattern offer incomprehensible environments for the figures. Like the lack of context in their surroundings,  they themselves also have a lack of distinguishable characteristics. Painted with broad strokes of color, the individual aspects of noses, mouths, and chins fade into the flatness.
In the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the city, It’s easy to let individual people and moments become a singular blur, but if you sit still long enough, you may be able to make out the moments that connect us.


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