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Blue Ocean by Linda Celestian is an embodiment of the ocean. A natural process called nuno felting marries wool and silk to make the fabric of this sculpture. Dye is poured on the fabric and allowed to evaporate to create natural markings. Celestian’s background in Fashion Design comes through in the graceful forms that interact to create this peaceful and diaphanous piece.
About Linda Celestian:
Linda Celestian’s colorful paintings and sculptures are a testament to her love of nature.
Growing up in upstate NY, her summers were spent traversing the Finger Lakes on her family boat and camping on the shores of Lake Ontario.
She received a BFA from Moore College Of Art and Design in Philadelphia and completed a year of Graduate Studies called 5th Year Program. In 2014 she took a Public Art course with Nancy Blum at Penland School of Crafts in NC. This led her to begin experimenting with new mediums like glass, mosaics, murals and large paintings on theater scrim.
She’s received numerous grants from the Delaware Division of the Arts.


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