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The artists in idyll draw inspiration from the natural world— the rhythms, patterns, and pace of nature. In this show, works from artists Judy Caldwell, Sam Coursen, Valerie Coursen, and Adina Segal, invite you to learn from the earth and practice the art of slowing down.
Sam and Valerie Coursen both employ collage, among other techniques to build layered works implied by natural imagery. Drawn to objects with a weathered patina, Valerie Coursen imitates the effect of the elements over time as she explores building layers with paint, patterns, color, and collage in her pieces. Sam Coursen’s minimalist work is inspired by objects in nature that he invokes through a combination of paint and collage.
Judy Caldwell and Adina Segal engage with the environment in a meditative way. Caldwell’s work reflects a constant state of education; learning to be more present and fully mindful of nature’s timing and energies. Segal, enthralled by the not knowing, the seeking, the transformation, and the discovery, creates imagined moonscapes, skyscapes, and waterscapes.
Patient, immersive attention to an image may spark observations or inspirations previously unnoticed. So take a longer look, draw inspiration from the natural world, and enjoy a moment of mindful reflection with the works of idyll.


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