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Lee Muslin Artist Statement:
Guided by intuition, I strive to produce work that is a compelling visual experience in my abstract, acrylic paintings. I create a complex surface using many techniques that may include mark marking, collaging, stamping, and stenciling. Much is improvised as the artwork develops. A back-and-forth between spontaneity and intention characterizes my approach. Painting in the moment, I yield to the process to unearth the painting’s potential. Then I step back to evaluate the formal concerns of line, color, shape and balance to influence my next move. This visual dance creates many layers of paint over line and texture leaving intriguing traces of what came before.
Diane Pieri Artist Statement:
In my studio I have many quotes to help keep me attentive, creative and emotionally human. One quote reads: What must be present are: Burning passion, unadulterated enthusiasm, perseverance, longing for a beautiful future. To me, these all touch important domains necessary for an artist and a human being.
I consider myself a Symbolic Abstractionist, incorporating meaningful symbols into fields of abstraction and pattern. For over 25 years, I have been deeply immersed in the almost unearthly beauty of Indian miniatures. My work weaves meaning, symbol, color and purposeful design into my need to offer beauty in the everyday.
Authenticity has always been of utmost importance, not only in my intentions but in the materials I use. Therefore, I work with 23 carat gold leaf, handmade papers, metallic candy wrappers, Indian wood blocks, decorative papers, collage and a variety of paints that give me a matte look and feel.


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