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“Peace of Home is an assemblage self-portrait and microcosm of the intimate space I call home. Each object symbolizes a part of my home that supports and feeds my soul with what’s most meaningful in my world: peace, love, family, art, music, food, wine, nature, creativity, and connection.
The central sculpture, Transform, brings together past and present by recycling old machine-made objects with recently created, hand-built sculptures. In the background are additional objects that include sculptures, a painting, and stones that I collected as color inspiration for my tinted clay. An array of old Gourmet magazines from the late 50’s and early 60’s nod to my love of food, wine, and community.
This eclectic theme of combining old and new with different materials and styles is representative of my work as well as my home environment.” — Wendy Liss
In her work as an artist, Wendy Liss is inspired by the mystery in the act of creation. How does the intangible become tangible? What are the possibilities and limitations to what can be expressed in physical form? How does the creative process reflect life itself? Wendy received a BFA (’84) and an Art Education Certification (’85) from Moore College of Art. In addition to working as an artist, her professional life has included face painting, teaching of studio art and workshops, fine art restoration, color consulting and interior decorating.


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