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Pattern Burst is an exhibition featuring artwork that explores systematic patterns created by the tenacious combination of imagination and repetition. From Anthony Vega’s examination of online media to one of Bartók’s preludes transformed by Melinda Steffy into tiny swatches of watercolor, Pattern Burst examines the artists’ collection of data that is then translated to beautiful metaphors for everyday life.
Featured in this exhibition are Anthony Vega, Caroline Gore, Eric Toscano, Janos Korodi, Melinda Steffy, Mark Price, and Sarah Sadie Slate. Whether created in paint, singed paper, or as collage, these selected artworks provide a poetic collection of harvested materials, data, and ideas that are systematically translated into vivid compositions.
Originating from observed phenomena (nature, media, and online content) then developed, translated, and abstracted by each artist, Pattern Burst portrays a thought process that transforms what we see, ponder, and appreciate.
The opening to Pattern Burst will be in tandem with the opening of Kevin Broad and Rebecca Schultz at East Market.


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