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Palmistry, 2023 Installation by Pamela Tudor, Painted palm tree and bamboo bark

In Palmistry, the latest installation at Old City Publishing, Pamela Tudor employs harvested palm and bamboo bark as a sustainable and renewable artistic medium. She collects the bark as it sheds naturally from trees: painting, collaging, carving, and upcycling the raw material into abstract works of art. Each composition is a unique product of recycling, with the shape and texture of the organic material often guiding the evolution of each piece. The use of palm in her work has expanded her approach to 3D construction, with the process of physically gathering the detritus of nature directly influencing the form, texture, and movement of her work. Concerned by the ongoing threat of climate change, the reuse of this organic material in her work is directly tied to Tudor’s definition of sustainability, aiming to subvert the destructive impact of waste and consumerism: “My art practice has helped me to see how I might [be] part of the solution, not [the] problem.” As an artist, her goal is to connect with viewers through sustainable action and a “collective imagination,” creating works of beauty, awareness, and renewal, amidst a time of loss, violence, and devastation.


Pamela Tudor is a painter and maker of assemblages and mixed media shadow boxes. Her expressive paintings and sculptures investigate concerns about the destruction and beauty of our home planet. After receiving an M.A. in Applied Psychology Tudor went to art school for four years at the Art Students League and the New York Studio School. Pamela has shown at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the Fairmount Waterworks, the Marriott at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, the Noyes Museum, the El Paso Museum of Art, and the Emerging Collector Gallery in NYC.  Her work is in private collections in NY, NJ, Philadelphia, Miami, and Los Angeles. She lives with her husband in Philadelphia.


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