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Satellite Events

InLiquid is pleased to present the work of Marilyn Stubblebine and Peter Cunicelli at Hyatt Centric.

Chromatic Rhythm features artists Peter Cunicelli and Marilyn Stubblebine. Both artists' work reflects a pattern of rich colors and distinct forms that create a non-sonic rhythmic tune throughout their work. Each piece has an unspoken tempo that allows the colors to stay in tune with the forms.  Marilyn Stubblebine uses vivid colors in alternating hues to create a geometric abstraction. Hard edges and linear forms allow the combination of colors to pop off the canvas. Peter Cunicelli has worked to defy the boundaries beyond the traditional ceramic techniques by playing with shape, balancing it between dramatic and refined. His pieces allow a repetitive push and a pull, with various colors peaking through the surface. This exhibition showcases how artists can present rhythmic landscapes through visual language.

Join InLiquid for a "Meet the Artists" reception on Wednesday, July 17, from 6 - 8 pm. Learn more and RSVP via Facebook

About the artists
Peter Cunicelli is a Philadelphia artist working with clay since 2000. As a student at The Clay Studio, he discovered hand-built vessels and soon began rolling out slabs of his own. He began developing forms by studying traditional thrown forms and cutting templates during this time. He has experimented with various glazes and techniques and has worked in Raku, wood fire, porcelain, paper clay, Cassius basalt, and other stonewares. His current studio practice builds and expands upon the desire to create forms with movement and function. His practice focuses on building and then augmenting forms to push them further.

Marilyn Stubblebine is a visual artist and composer who has exhibited in solo and group shows throughout the United States. She received degrees in art history, fine art and art education. A Masters in Art degree was obtained under the tutelage of artists that included the photorealist

painter Robert Bechtle. Her art investigates geometrical and non-geometrical abstraction using experimentations with color, geometry, and other media as statements of wonder and projections of imagination. Primarily a painter in acrylics, she also creates collages and altered book experiments with other media.

A few years ago, Stubblebine began composing music, which she creates on In 2021, her piece, Furrowed, accompanied a video in a solo exhibition, Color Says. She is working on a suite with the title Time (Altered). The scores Lay of the Land and Twixt can be heard on MuseScore.


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