"Again This Happens 001", 2021, wood/acrylic, 10" x 10"
"Again this Happens 002", 2021, wood/acrylic, 10" x 10"
"Ask Your Mother", 2022, canvas/acrylic, 20" diameter
"Klezmerica" 2 panel, wood, acrylic, 24" x 48"
"Living in der veld 001", 2022, wood/acrylic, 20" x 20"
"Living in der veld 002", 2022, wood/acrylic, 20" x 20"
"Demon Rumpus" 4 panel, wood/acrylic, 20" x 80"
"Dybbuk Rumpus" triptych, wood/acrylic, 20" x 60"
"Klezmania", 2022, acrylic/wood, 24" x 24"
"Coney Island Mishpucha", 2021, acrylic/wood, 24" x 24"
"Odd Fellas", 2022, acrylic/wood, 12" x 12"
"Leaving Time Again", 2022, wood/acrylic, 24" x 24"
"Shtetl Liberty", wood/acrylic, 36" x 36"
"Demon Dance Off", 2021, 24" x 24"
"The Dead Kept Us Alive, Warsaw 1942", 2022, 24" x 24"
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Member Portfolio

Diane Goodman

Philadelphia, PA


Artist's Statement

Diane Goodman (b. 1971, London) is an acrylic painter and collage artist based in Philadelphia.

As a self-taught graphic designer, Diane learned to contain her maximalist tendencies. As a self-taught painter, she has embraced them, filling her canvasses with little space to breath.

Diane spent her early years in Los Angeles, where her visual world was a mix of wild parrots, painfully blue skies, oversized tropical foliage, skateboards, miles of cement, hours of cartoons, and her family’s synagogue directly across the street from a drive-in movie theater.  This was a land of the sacred and profane, a century and thousands of miles away from the shtetl.

Diane focuses on exploring the physical and liminal distance from the shtetl, using a personal symbology to create her pictorial narratives. She interprets Jewish folklore, superstition, and magic with a technicolor palette of the late 20th century.

Goodman works with acrylic and found historic images on wood and canvas. She has a background in both digital imagery and fabric sculpture, each coming out of an intuitive drawing practice. Her approach includes intensive pictorial research and an interest in icons, signs, and symbols.

Artist's Biography

Goodman-Daniel has recently settled in Philadelphia after decades as a domestic nomad, growing up in California and making her home in London, Los Angeles, the Bay Area, Santa Cruz, Westport, Vancouver, NYC, Washington DC, Ithaca, New Orleans and Baltimore. She has worked in big tech and academic research as well as developing projects in ceramics, color copy collage, photography and creating a line of hyper expressive neo-folk dolls.Her on-going focus on drawing and symbolic imagery follows through to her current work.



Vancouver Film School, New Media Certificate


UC Santa Cruz


Otis Parsons Ceramic Summer Program

Awards & Honors


Received $500 grant to create safe sex graphic design for the Santa Cruz AIDS Project




Photo of doll used as front cover book arts project about mental health

Professional Experience

2001 - 2005

Partnering with the Tompkins County Regional Art Council, created and led 3-evening art marketing workshops

1997 - 2001

Web designer, New York, NY


Berkeley Richmond JCC K - 6 art teacher




Alternatives Federal Credit Union



New Now VI, InLiquid Gallery, Philadelphia, PA


Old City Jewish Art Center, Philadelphia, PA

Avenues Cafe, Philadelphia, PA

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