The Best Prayer in the World, 59"x43", Mix Media on Canvas, 2022
Echo and space, 40”x46”, Mix Media on Canvas, 2022
Dome of Water, 47”x52”, Mix Media on Canvas, 2021
Untitled, 24”x30”, Mix Media on Canvas, 2022
So Far, So Close 1,2,3, 11”x 14”, Mix Media on Paper, 2022
Meet You in Your Dream 1,2,3, 8”x 10”, Mix Media on Paper, 2022
Lights and Fire,16”x20”, Mix Media on Canvas, 2022
Threshold Illumination,16”x20”, Mix Media on Canvas, 2023
 Red Radiant,16”x20”, Mix Media on Canvas, 2023
The Breath of Spring, 16”x60” Mix Media on Canvas, 2022
Elegant Overflow, 36”x30”, Mix Media on Canvas, 2023
Ocean Tides Meet, 36”x30”, Mix Media on Canvas, 2023
Flow in the Infinite Space, 36”x24”, Mix Media on Canvas, 2023
Two Figures, 30”x30”, Mix Media on Canvas, 2022
Seeking Hope, 30”x40”, Mix Media on Canvas, 2021
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Member Portfolio


Chadds Ford, PA


Artist Statement

My paintings are expressions of color and movement, where organic brushstrokes and vibrant hues take center stage. I strive to capture the fluidity of pigments as they blend and interact, creating a sense of unpredictability and energy. My recent works are primarily focused on exploring the pouring and layering dry media techniques to enhance the tactile experience of the painting.
In these pieces, I aim to blur the boundaries between subject and environment, creating a dreamlike atmosphere that invites the viewer to contemplate spirituality and imagination. The combination of abstract elements and textural surfaces adds to the sensory experience, inviting the viewer to step into the realm of nature.
Through my paintings, I hope to offer the viewer a journey of the senses, exploring the beauty of movement and color in a unique and captivating way.

Artist Biography

I am an accomplished artist with a wealth of education and experience in the field. My love for art began at a young age. It only continued to grow as I received formal education, including earning dual BFA degrees from Jilin University in China and West Chester University of Pennsylvania. My extensive career experience includes serving as a senior graphic designer and brand manager at 4A Advertising Agencies and tech giants in China, where I honed my skills in creating imagery characters and advertisement scripts using digital tools. Despite this, I always felt drawn to the traditional art of painting. This led me to pursue further education in the field and to study painting in the US, where I am now focused on developing my favorite abstract style, infused with my personal experiences and unique perspective.


BFA, West Chester University, West Chester, PA
AFA, Delaware County Community College, Media, PA
BFA, Jilin University, Changchun, China

Awards & Honors

“OPEN”, International Art Competition, Honorable Mention, Art Room Online Gallery, US
11th All Women Art Exhibition, Special Recognition, Light Space & Online Art Gallery, US
“4th OPEN”, 2022 International Juried Art Competition, Finalist Award, Art Show International
Gallery, US
“Art CHIOSE VIII”, International Juried Visual Art Competition, Bronze Award, Camelback
Gallery, US
13th Annual "Abstracts" Art Exhibition International Online Art Competition, Special Merit,
Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery, US


Interview “Immersing in Paint and Canvas ”,Metro Chinese Weekly Special Report
"Zifeng Zang, NATURE, RANDON MOVEMENT & PIGMENT”, Art Market Magazine
New Visionary Magazine Issue 2
Artist Talk Magazine Issue 19, UK
Interview “Zifeng Zang: Feminine Color Expression”, Visionary Art Collective


Muse Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Chester County Art Association, West Chester, PA



Controllable Random Zifeng Zang’s Solo Exhibition, Muse Gallery, Philadelphia, PA


New Now VI, InLiquid Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

New Members Show, Muse Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

28” and Under Members’ Anniversary Exhibition, Muse Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

“What the World is Today”, Community Art Center, Philadelphia, PA

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