Winter Leaf | 30" x 24"
Leaf 2 | 30" x 24"
Leaf 3 | 30" x 24"
Burning Leaf | 24" x 30"
Ghost Stones | 24" x 30"
Ghost Stone | 10" x 10"
Mountain Granite | 10" x 10"
Fragments 10 | 10" x 10"
Fragments 1 | 30" x 24"
Fragments 2 | 30" x 24"
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Julier Mountain | 30" x 40"
Glacier Stone | 30" x 30"
Snow | 24" x 48"
Salt Lake | 36" x 48"
Tolkienscape | 12" x 48"
Death Valley | 36" x 48"
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Blue Sun | 20" x 16"
Snake | 6" x 46"
Circle Fish Tapestry | 41" x 32"
Firebird | 14" x 20"
Stingray | 12" x 23"
Dancing Birds | 38" x 24"
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Member Portfolio

Mirjam Seeger


Artist's Statement

Crumbling leaves in fall, ancient rocks in the mountains or by the sea, landscapes which took millions of years to form. All these are awe-inspiring witnesses to the passage of time.
In my second home in the Swiss alpine region of the Engadin, I am repeatedly drawn to the spectacle of stone, water, weather, snow, ice and extremely cold temperatures under an aggressively blue sky. As the glaciers melt, they reveal the past in the form of rocks which have been covered by ice for thousands of years.
Of course nature manifests itself wherever we are on the planet and we can only look on with helpless fascination.
All this coming and going, the circle of creation and disappearance lies at the bottom of my paintings and I am continuously trying to capture it.

Artist's Biography

Mirjam was born and raised in Basel, Switzerland. She moved to the US in 1977 where she lived in San Francisco and Lake Tahoe CA, Ithaca NY, Hawaii and Haiti and finally settled in Philadelphia PA in 1996.
Twice a year she returns to Switzerland, where she spends early spring and late summer in the Engadin mountains, skiing, biking and hiking and collecting inspiring images for her work.
A formative time in her artistic life was her employment as a glass painter at Willet Stained Glass in Philadelphia, one of the oldest glass studios in the US. She remained a glass painter for this and other studios and completed painted stained glass windows for numerous churches and public buildings all over the United States.
After leaving her employment at Willet she began to develop her own paintings on glass. She found new ways to display glass paintings other than the classical stained glass window. As such she created the glass tapestry. Painted glass pieces were attached to a metal mesh to form a tapestry-like painting. These pieces were large and took a long time to complete. So she came up with smaller paintings on fused glass. They can be displayed as sculptural work on a metal stand before a source of light.
Her work as a glass painter has greatly influenced her paintings on canvas.


1990 - 1994
Apprenticeship as Stained Glass Painter, Willet Stained Glass
Degree: Journeywoman in Stained Glass
City College of San Francisco, CA
Associate Degree, Fine Art
College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, CA
1973 - 1975
University of Basel, Switzerland
Art History


American Style Magazine, August 2009
Fabrik Magazine


Feldman and Feldman Law Offices, Jenkintown, PA
Fury Interior Design
Debelle Interior Design
Our Lady of the Assumption Church, Strafford, PA
Bethlehem Baptist Church, Springhouse, PA
Union League of Philadelphia

Stained Glass Commissions

St. Martin Episcopal Cathedral, Houston, TX
United Methodist Church, Davidson, NC
Masonic Temple, Washington D.C.
B'Nai Israel Synagogue, Rochester, NY

Selected Exhibitions

Contact artist for a full list of exhibitions
Parisa Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Landscapes: Kirby Fredendall and Mirjam Seeger, InLiquid at Crane Hall, Philadelphia, PA
Embodiment: Figure in Art, 3rd Street Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2019 - 2020
Workhouse Glass National, Lorton, VA
2nd Place
Delaware Art Museum Juried Craft Show, Wilmington, DE
CraftForms2017, Wayne, PA
Juried Exhibition
Mala Gallery, Kennett Square, PA
Malvern Retreat Art Show, Malvern, PA
Cheltenham Center for the Arts, Cheltenham, PA
Juried Exhibition
JAM Gallery, Malvern, PA
Chase Center, Wilmington, DE
Artist Equity Select Exhibition, Barnstone Gallery, Phoenixville, PA
Market Place Design Center, Philadelphia, PA
JMS Gallery, Philadelphia PA
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