"Untitled 2" 2023, mixed media painting, 32" x 36"
"Show me the Way to go Home" 2022, mixed media painting, 24" x 30"
"I Love You All-Hall" 2022, mixed media painting, 40" x 60"
"Chair and Bird Study" 2022, mixed media painting, 9" x 12"
"Pink Eye" 2022, mixed media painting, 36" x 36"
"Blow Up Your TV" 2024, painting on canvas, 36" x 48"
"The Space Between" 2024, mixed media painting on canvas, 30" x 40"
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"Reaper Reaper" 2023, mixed media illustration, 9" x 11"
"It's Still Burning" 2022, mixed media illustration, 9" x 12"
"23" 2022, mixed media illustration, 9" x 12"
"The Year is 5783" 2022, mixed media installation, 9" x 12"
"Dead Presidents" 2023, mixed media illustration, 9" x 11"
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Member Portfolio

AYGZ (Jesse Weinstein)

Philadelphia, PA


Artist Statement

I utilize both digital and classical painting techniques to convey the overwhelming sense of stimulation I experience daily. By translating these sensations into analog forms such as paper, wood, or canvas, I aim to prompt viewers to reflect on their existence amidst a world clamoring for attention. Blending feeling and emotion through intuitive mark-making, my art creates dynamic scenes that blur the lines between subject and background. Through underlying messages, I guide viewers toward introspection, often touching on political or moral themes. Whether through portraits of politicians, graffiti-inspired typography, or surreal explosions of color, my work explores the concept of interaction by combining multiple mediums to depict a sense of helpless wonder in a chaotic world.

Artist Bio

A graduate from Tyler School of Art and Architecture at Temple University, under the pseudonym AYGZ (Eg-z), Jesse Weinstein has developed a visual language across a wide range of platforms from painting, printmaking, both analogue and digital illustration, has realized two comic books, and his prints have appeared on limited-edition T-shirts and hoodies. He has been profiled in The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Jewish Exponent.


Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Temple University, 2017-2021

Associates at Eastern Center for Arts and Technology, Willow Grove PA

Work Experience

Joan Shepp, Philadelphia, PA, 2016-present
Maintained online presence and production of social media/e-commerce content.

Freelance artist US and Abroad, 2017-2021
Making original prints and illustrations from both digital and analogue mediums like oil paint, relief printing, digital illustration, serigraphy, and photography.

Collaboration with Avant Toi, Italy, 2019
Provided original designs to be reproduced onto handmade silk and cashmere scarves.

FourStylingGroup, Philadelphia, PA/Los Angeles CA, 2019-2021
Monitored and operated all online content as well as editing photos and processing them into final graphics for promotions or otherwise.

DasYori, Philadelphia PA, 2019--2022
Executed order packages and mock ups for manufacturing, developed promotional material for social media and events.

Artist assistant to Bruce Reinfeld at HiFi Disco and Analogue Contemporary, Philadelphia PA, 2022-present
Managed inventory, aided in the production of fine art pieces and constructed large scale works of lenticular art work using specific tools and methods unique to Bruce Reinfeld. Designed graphics and garments for both manufacturing and promotional mterial, all while editing product photography intended for ecommerce and social media.

Exhibition History

InLiquid 25th Anniversary Celebration Benefit, Ice Box Project Space, Philadelphia, PA

Main Line Contemporary, Colona Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Art & Fear
, Brotherly Love Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

A Lifetime of Impressions & New Members Exhibition
, Old City Jewish Arts Center, Philadelphia PA

The worlds ending. What do you want me to do, dance?, Stella Elkins Gallery at Tyler School of Art and Architecture at Temple University

Young Arts Exposé, Gravers Lane Gallery, Philadelphia PA

Art at the Vantage, Vantage at Temple University, Philadelphia PA, 2019

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