Across Neat Soil, plaster, acrylic, oil, 48x36"
Antique Song, plaster, acrylic, oil, 36x36"
Bending Sickle, plaster, oil, acrylic, sand, 14x11"
Bitter Sky, plaster, acrylic, oil, 14x11"
Calypso, plaster, acrylic, oil, 36x48"
Coma, plaster, acrylic, oil, 36x48"
Fleche, plaster, acrylic, oil, 30x30"
Kindred Posts, plaster, acrylic, oil, 48x36"
Lucid Dream, plaster, acrylic, oil, 48x36"
Sargasso, plaster, acrylic, oil, 36x48"
Speak, Memory, plaster, acrylic, oil, 48x36"
Summer's Plea, plaster, acrylic, oil, 14x11"
Tabernacle, plaster, acrylic, oil, 36x48"
Wandering Bark 6, plaster, acrylic, oil, 48x36"
Waters Warp, plaster, acrylic, oil, 30x30"
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Member Portfolio

Abbey Tyson Stace

Philadelphia, PA


Artist Statement

Fundamental to my practice is the notion that much of what happens in the universe is down to chance. Mine is an experimental process designed to explore the physical interactions of my chosen materials. I begin paintings with only the most basic composition, I allow the materials to engage with each other as I respond to the textures, colors and shapes that emerge. For me this mirrors the serendipitous and unpredictable process that is life.

I am interested in the constant process of becoming and the fact that a permanent state can never be reached. How does an object acquire and shed particular characteristics. How do people accrue and evolve personal traits? The layers of matter built up and worn away in a surface mirrors the accumulation of experiences and memories in the human psyche. My work considers time as the medium in which transformation occurs and friction as integral to the process. Wind, water and chemical elements collide and interact over time creating the layers of texture and color on a material surface. This reflects the personal interactions both nurturing and challenging that underpin human experience. I often use materials that “don’t mix” in order to explore that friction and how opposing elements can create interesting and surprising results.

Though inspired by natural landscapes and surfaces, I avoid any narrative or literal imagery. These pieces often suggest multiple perspectives and ambivalent textures. What is a close up rock surface to one viewer may be a satellite view of water to another. I rely on abstraction so that the viewer can make their own associations in connection with a personal trove of memories and experiences.

Memory may give warmth to the ruthlessness of time just as water softens a stone. These paintings are perceptual in nature, intended to affect quiet experiential reflection. Each is a meditation on time and the mystery, spaciousness and rich accidental beauty of the natural world.

Artist Biography

Abbey Stace’s material abstractions have developed over a lifetime of studying science, philosophy and art. Part sculpture, part painting, her current work is inspired by classical landscapes as well as natural materials and industrial decay. She uses various materials to build up layers of line, texture and color. She responds to the interactions of her materials, not controlling but guiding them in a compositional direction. Ultimately, the work is suggestive rather than narrative. Abbey is more interested in conjuring thoughts, associations or memories in the viewer than representing specific forms.

Having studied, psychology and philosophy early on, Abbey recently spent a year in the post-baccalaureate program at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art. Influenced by minimalist and color field abstraction her current works are experimental process driven investigations into materiality, light and composition. She has exhibited internationally and is part of private collections all over the world. She lives and works in Philadelphia, PA.


2018-2019 – Post Baccalaureate, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA

1997-1997 – School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

1988-1992 – B.A. Connecticut College, New London, CT

Awards and Honors

Honorable Mention, Annual Juried Exhibition, Gallery 110

Voices of Tomorrow Award, Contemporary Art Curator Magazine

First Place, MRAC Virtual Juried Show, Manayunk/Roxborough Art Center

Circle Foundation for the Arts, Lyon France

Spotlight Artist, The Artist's Magazine

Finalist, The Artist Magazine annual Art Competition

Third Place, NAtional Juried Exhibition, Kreft Center Gallery


Circle Quarterly Art Review Magazine, 6th Issue

Philadelphia Stories, Spring 2021 Issue

Feature, Art Ideal Magazine Vol 1

Group Exhibitions


New Now VI, InLiquid Gallery, Philadelphia, PA


Abstract, Sebastopol Center for the Arts

Elements, Art Fluent (

9th Annual Abstract Sanctuary, Verum Ultimum Gallery, Portland, OR

The New Artist, Boomer Gallery, London, UK

Winter Show, Artworks Oriental, Oriental, NC

Butterfly Effect, Contemporary Art Curator Magazine (online)

Annual Juried Exhibition, Gallery 110, Seattle, WA

True Blue, Art Fluent, (online)


2021 Virtual Annual Exhibition, Fellowship of PAFA, Philadelphia, PA

Absolute Abstraction, Studio Montclair, Montclair, NJ

ArtExpo New York, New York, NY

Superfine Art Fair, New York, NY

Director’s Choice (Annual Juried Show), Viridian Artists, New York, NY

Clio Art Fair, New York, NY

Annual Juried Show, Bowery Gallery, New York, NY

London Biennale, London, UK

Neoteric Abstract, Limner Gallery, Hudson, NY

The Other Art Fair, Brooklyn Expo Center, Brooklyn, NY

Juried Spring Show, Rowayton Art Center, Rowayton, CT

Beautiful Possibilities, Woodwalk Gallery, Egg Harbor, WI

Emergence, Beacon Artist Union, Beacon, NY

Ecstasy, The Beauty of Nature, Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Sebastopol, CA


What Is Art? Boomer Gallery, London, UK

Women Artists Making Their Mark, O’Hanlon Center for the Arts, Mill Valley, CA

MRAC Virtual Juried Show, Manayunk/Roxborough Art Center, Philadelphia, PA

Outside the Box, Healdsburg Center for the Arts, Healdsburg, CA

Next Big Thing, Studio Channel Islands, Camarillo, CA


Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art All Student Exhibition, Philadelphia, PA

Stories to Tell, The Plastic Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Emerging Artists, The Plastic Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Song of Colors, FMC Tower, Philadelphia, PA

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