"Wheels on the Bus", 2020, ceramic Kewpie doll heads, scrap wood, plywood, steel angle, toy wagon coach wheels, chains, gears, fake candy, 11" x 23" x 8"
"Butterfly", 2016, revolver cut in half, wood peg, clock, various metal parts the artist had lying around, 19" x 8" x 11"
"Carnival of Time", 2017, mixed media, 46" x 18" x 15"
"Eye Time 2", 2016, mixed media, 20" x 9" x 9"
"Migration", 2018, case from a 19th century scientific scale, vintage decorative birds, O gauge telephone booth, piano stool feet, steel curtain rods, gears, survey map of Bodega Bay, music box, Formica, various metal pieces, 19" x 16" x 7"
"Oh Romeo", 2018, mirrored cabinet door, plastic "balcony," ceramic doll's head, candle holders, metal balls, plastic hands, gears and metal parts, 29" x 20" x 10"
"The Out of Sync Mermaids", 2021, decorative cabinet door, ceramic doll heads, 19th century case leg, piano leg, LED lights, fabric, gears and chain, 66" x 27" x 18"
"Oily Light", 2020, old engine oilers, copper pipe, copper colander, lamp parts, metal pieces, LED lights, 30" x 9" x 9"
"A Waste of Time", 2011, gas heater case, mannequin hands, alarm clock case and face, sand timers, slinky, scrap metal, Arduino, motor, stepper motor, other electronics and wiring, 16” x 21” x 12”
"Angel of Time", 2013, tin box, tin can, doll head, baking sheet, clock face, fabric wings, metal body and gears, fiber optics, clock movement, switches and wire, 15” x 15” x 6”
"Engine Block of Time", 2013, engine block from an Alfa Romeo, fiberglass panels, aluminum angle and aluminum rod, Insinkerator top, motor, switches and wire, clock movement, 25” x 1” x 20”
"It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere", 2012, piano legs, metal film reel, light hood, cat food cans, meat grinder, telephone bell, tricycle wheel, six clock movements ,30” x 21” x 11”
"Moon Days Time 2", 2013, 12 cookie tins, bike rim, metal plate, bottom of a grill pan, plastic balls, “L” brackets, brass plumbing part, 12 pendulum movements, clock movement, glow in the dark paint, 53” x 35” x 6”
"Suddenly Suzi realized that she was going to have a bad day", 2012, cookie tin, Death is a collage of different images and materials, smaller tin can, clock face, 21” x 8” x 3”
"Time for Angels", 2013, chair legs, ceiling fan cover, piano leg, kids bike wheel, 12 cat food cans, three bells, 12 canning jar lids, meat grinder, cast metal angel, heavy metal wire, 49” x 18” x 19”
"Fortune Time", 2013, piano legs, kid’s bike wheel, galvanized sheet metal, old tractor head light trim, scrap wood, tin cans, calendar clock movement, 29” x 21” x 9”
"Time to Wake-up!", 2010, Hygrothermograph case, plastic eyes, fake fur, scrap plywood, metal from tin cans, motor, 13” x 13” x 6”
"Daytime", 2011, various furniture pieces, extending metal arm, alarm clock case, lens blanks, aluminum star, reverse clock movement, calendar movement, 44” x 15” x 16”
"Voyeur Time", 2011, tin cans, clock glass, mirror tile and other metal parts, clock and pendulum movement, 23” x 10” x 4”
"Time Compressor", 2011, Tensile strength testing machine frame, Russian sub clock case, PVC pipe, duct work parts, PVC fittings, speaker horn, bowling ball, metal spikes, iron pipe, 74" x 22" x 18"
"Majestic Puppet Master", 2010, heater case, mannequin hand, fabric, found objects, Plexiglas, lights, motor, clock, 25” x 14” x 8”
"Creature Time", 2010, car tail light, car spot light case, rope cleats, flexible arm, mirror, clock, light, 16” x 5” x 23”
"Teatime!", 2008, tin cans, clock, 18” x 9” x 7”
"Orrery 3", 2010, search light arm, earth globes, plexi gears, rope cleats, shaft support, metal rods, clocks 23” x 16” x 8”
"Big Brother Time", 2009, metal globe, kerosene heater, doll eyes, chain, gears, lights, and clock, 23” x 12” x 12”
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"Orrery", 2007, heavy brass ball, metal lion’s feet, pipes, metal balls, gears, chain, clocks, 30” x 12” x 8”
"Temple time", 2008, soy sauce can, olive oil can, bells, door knobs, drawer handle, clock, 15” x 10” x 7”
"Time Machine 3", 2007, bike parts, motor, CD, clock, 24” x 12” x 14”
"Cut time", 2007, PBR cans, cookie tins, steel, concrete, plumbing pipes, reflectors, safe deposit box, clocks, 72” x 16” x 10”
"Moon time", 2008, telephone base, moon globe, steel rods, clock, 28” x 14” x 10”
"Babba Time", 2005, tin can from India, metal box, clock (animated), 18" x 19" x 5"
 "Suddenly everything changed", 2005, tin cans, LEDs, clock. (animated), 18" x 10" x 4"
"PodLight", chair legs, found objects, lamps, 182\" x 183\" x18\"
"Happy Feat"
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Member Portfolio

Randall Cleaver

Takoma Park, MD


Artist's Statement

Randall Cleaver’s work combines what has been discarded to create timekeeping artifacts. Their utility and motion involve the viewer in their complexity of forms, textures, relationships, and humor.
Creating with found objects started as an inexpensive way to obtain materials, but soon, the objects themselves became a source of inspiration. Cleaver tries to give his viewer the sense that the parts were manufactured to form the object, in order that the various parts transcend what they were.
The clocks, as a body of work, are a conglomerate of ideas Cleaver has had over the years: actual, as opposed to implied, motion; machine sounds emanating from the pieces; humor; functionality; the sense of history in timepieces; and the near obsession our society has for time.
The clocks also give an archetypal starting point with which to view his pieces. From there the viewers can work their way deeper into the works.
The lamps are similar to the clocks in that they too are viewer friendly. Instead of the movement of clock works to accent the piece, there is the glow of the bulb, not only accenting the piece, but changing the mood of the entire room when lit.
Cleaver’s working style is intuitive. He starts with a germ of an idea or a particular found object that will suggest a piece, but as it grows, different relationships will be discovered and the form of the work will respond to these discoveries.

Artist's Biography

Randall Cleaver’s father was a huge packrat, always bringing home something he found at an auction, flea market or junk pile. Randall would make his own toys or adapt existing toys with the raw materials found in the basement and garage of his childhood home.
As a sculpture student it was a natural thing to scour salvage yards and rubbish piles for art supplies instead of buying new. This attitude of reuse and adapting existing parts still plays a major role in his work today.
Randall was born in Reading PA in 1959. He graduated from Penn State in 1981 with a BFA in sculpture. He spent twenty-five years living in Philadelphia and is now living in Takoma Park Maryland where he is happiest working in his shop.
More information may be found at www.randallcleaver.com


Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA
BFA in Sculpture

Artist Bibliography

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Randall Cleaver: Found Objects, The Gallery at 543, Philadelphia, PA
2011 – 2012
Found Time, National Watch and Clock Museum, Columbia, PA
Old to New, Takoma Park Community Center, MD
Randall Cleaver: Found Objects, Berman Museum of Art, Ursinus College, Collegeville, PA
Hops and Clocks, National Watch and Clock Museum, Columbia, PA
2008 – 2009
Something Old, Something New, Philadelphia International Airport, Terminal “D,” Philadelphia, PA
Germantown Academy Arts Center, Fort Washington, PA

Purpose Repurpose: Cleaver and Ferrell, Howard County Center for the Arts, Ellicott City, MD
Cardinal Gallery, Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, Annapolis, MD
Stockton State College Art Gallery, Pomona, NJ
Langman Gallery, Willow Grove, PA
Markeim Art Center, Haddonfield, NJ

Langman Gallery, Willow Grove, PA
Gloucester County College, Gloucester, NJ

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Curator: Jennifer A. Zwilling
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Is it Time?, Cerulean Arts Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
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Recycled Creativity: The Tipping Point of Cultural Chaos, The Arts Scene, West Chester, PA
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Neighborhood Bike Works: 4th Annual Bike Part Art Show,
Nexus/foundation for today’s art, Philadelphia, PA
Clocks: Time Well Spent, Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, Louisville, KY
Art & Community: Neighborhood Bike Works, Journy Home Center, Philadelphia, PA
Specific Density, the Borowsky Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Curator: Miriam Seidel
Art & Community: Neighborhood Bike Works, Ester Klein Art Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Saving Philadelphia: the Art of the Dumpster Divers, Sedgwick Cultural Center, Philadelphia, PA
Seat of Imagination, Abington Art Center, Abington, PA
2002 – 2003
Featured in Enviroart, GreenWorksTV
Structures, Salon Des Ami, Malvern, PA
Recreation/Re-Creation, The Noyes Museum of Art, NJ
Craft Annual, The Noyes Museum of Art, Atlantic City, NJ
Not Politics as Usual, The Works Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Constructions, InLiquid at the Bride, The Painted Bride, Philadelphia, PA
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Arts & Crafts, Cardinal Gallery, Maryland Center for the Creative Arts, Annapolis, MD
Edgewood Orchard Gallery, Fish Creek, WI
60th Annual Juried Exhibition, Art Association of Harrisburg, Harrisburg, PA
First Prize, Sculpture
Group Sculpture Exhibition, The Old School, Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts, Wilmington, DE
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