"Occult Prison" 2005, color pencil, 40" x 32"
"If the Interior Conforms to the Exterior" 2010, color pencil, 28" x 38"
"Invisible Loom/Circles" 2017, color pencil 32" x 14"
"invisible Loom/Come Undone" 2017, color pencil 20" x 20"
"Gaining Perspective/Blue Sphere" 2022, color pencil, 19.5" x 25.5"
"Invisible Loom/Full Circle" 2017, 4 color pencil drawings, 20" x 20" each
"Invisible Loom/Releasing the Tension" 2017, color pencil, 32" x 18"
"Invisible Loom/Tangle" 2018, color pencil, 18.5" x 32"
"Invisible Loom/White Ties" 2017, color pencil, 19.5" x 25.5"
"Color Stick" 2019, color pencil, 19.5" x 25.5"
"Color Stick with Shadow" 2019, color pencil, 20" x 22"
"Gaining Perspective/Purple Triangles" 2022, color pencil, 18" x 24"
"Gaining Perspective/Dawn's Early Light" 2022, color pencil, 19.5" x 25.5"
"Concentric Circles/Streamers" 2021, color pencil, 20" x 20"
"Banded Sphere" 2022, color pencil, 14" x 16"
"Open Vessel" 2021, color pencil, 20" x 20"
"Concentric Circles/Geometric Shapes" 2021, color pencil, 20" x 20"
"The Disposition of Orange" 2023, color pencil, 32" x 32"
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"Condescension" 2006, oil, 24" x 20"
"When a Happy Thing Falls" 2010, oil, 40" x 60"
"Bruised Sun" 2018, oil, 36" x 36"
"Wrapped Star" 2018, oil, 36" x 36"
"Color Stick/The Blue Ring" 2019, oil, 36" x 36"
"The Blue Dome" 2019, oil, 30" x 48"
"Invisible Loom/Spindle with Figure" 2021, oil, 48" x 24"
"Invisible Loom/Blue Spindle" 2021, oil, 48" x 24"
"Invisible Loom/Green Spindle" 2021, oil, 11.5" x 36"
"Recollected Dream" 2014, oil, 60" x 36"
"The Devil's Walking Stick" 2022, oil, 68" x 20"
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Member Portfolio

Cynthia Goodman Brantley

Royersford, PA


Artist Statement

During my life as an artist, I spent 30 years drawing and painting women. I used images of women to express my experience of the world. I work from a symbolist perspective, which attempts to reconcile the antithetical ideas of science and the spiritual through art.

In the 1990’s I transitioned from women- to drawing and painting natural objects. I started with sticks and thorns, then painted cones and sharp objects, which were not taken directly from nature. Due to my lack of mathematical knowledge, I call this work: Faux Geometry.

I continue to use nature in my work, but now am using more of the colors, rather than the forms themselves. I am currently interested in the interplay of color and geometric shapes. In the work I present a juxta-positioning of the atmospheric with concrete forms. Many of the influences for my color shifts appear in nature. The subtle color changes and luminosity of the sky at sunset is a daily influence for me. Color has become increasing important in my work over the years. I use forms emitting or compressing color, trying to achieve subtle changes of color over the plane of a drawing or painting.

I have done drawings and paintings in recent years gathered under the title of “Invisible Loom” accompanied by a descriptive designation: “Invisible Loom: Orange Tie,” etc. They are related to the geometric work, but do not necessarily contain geometric forms, however, some of them do contain rounded lines, connected to a geometric shape. I hesitate to label the linear parts of my work as anything specific, because at times they seem more like thread and sometimes more like wire.

My ambition as an artist is to remain as true as I can to my personal vision, with this in mind, departures from what might be called one particular style, often crop up. However, my art began and remains a distillation of my life experiences and perceptions. Whenever possible I prefer to allow my work speak for itself


MFA in Sculpture, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

BFA in conjunction with PAFA, University of Pennsylvania, PA

4 year-Certificate, in Painting, The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

Undergraduate Art Coursework, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC


1st Prize Works on Paper, Art of the State, Museum of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, PA

Valarie Lamb Smith Residency, PAFA, Newtown Square, PA

J. Henry Schiedt Memorial Scholarship, PAFA, Philadelphia, PA

Cecilia Beaux, Honorable Mention, PAFA, Philadelphia, PA

Julius Hallgarten, 1st Prize, and Purchase, National Academy of Fine Art, New York, NY


Fellowship of the Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA
Center for Emerging Artists, Philadelphia, PA



Art in the Storefront, Ambler, PA

Faux Geometry,
Schmidt Gallery, Goggleworks, Reading, PA

Evening Doodles, Harrisburg Community College, Harrisburg, PA

Sande Webster Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Two Person

Out of the Woods, with Karen Aumann, Goggleworks, Reading, PA

Faculty Club, with Tremain Smith, University of Pennsylvania, PA

Gross McCleaf Gallery, with Susan Headley Van Campen, Philadelphia,PA
1979 Philomathean Gallery, with James Brantley, University of PA


PAFA Alumni Show, PAFA, Philadelphia, PA
CFEVA Members Show, Upcoming in May. Philadelphia, PA
Eliana’s Custom Framing and Fine Art Gallery, Trappe, PA
CFEVA Celebration of Life and Art, Perelman, HUP, Philadelphia, PA

2021, 2020
CFEVA Exhibition at Penn Medicine at Radnor, Radnor, PA

2021, 2017
Montgomery County Open Studio, Royersford, PA

2021, 2019, 2015, 1993, 1992
Annual PAFA Fellowship Show, Philadelphia, PA

2020, 2018, 2009
Art of the State, State Museum of PA, Harrisburg, PA

Neoteric Abstract, Limner Gallery, Hudson, NY

Works on Paper, Alumni Gallery PAFA, Philadelphia, PA
Old Enough to Know Better, Philadelphia Women’s Caucus, Philadelphia, PA
for Art, Crane Building, Philadelphia, PA

2010, 1991, 1989, 1986, 1985, 1984,1 975
Alumni Gallery Show, PAFA, Philadelphia, PA

2006, 2004, 2002, 1999
Squirrel Gallery Fall Show, Newtown Square, PA

Chester Springs Studio Member Show, Chester Springs, PA

Summit Bank Exhibit, Princeton, NJ

1999, 1992
Annual Juried Exhibition, Woodmere Art Museum, Philadelphia, PA

1999, 1998, 1997, 1996, 1995
Summer Exhibition, Judith Leighton Gallery, Blue Hill, MA

1991, 1988
Annual MFA Show, ICA Gallery, University of PA

1996, 1986, 1973
Annual Exhibition, National Academy of Design, New York, NY

1993, 1979
Small Painting Show, Philadelphia Sketch Club, Philadelphia, PA

1984, 1983
Women in the Arts, State Museum of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, PA

Drawing Show, Miami University, Oxford, OH


2000, 1999
Ann Arbor Art Fair, Ann Arbor, MI
Bruce Museum Fine Arts Festival, Greenwich, CT
Bethesda Art Festival, Bethesda, MD
Arts, Beats and Eats, Royal Oak, MI
Birmingham Fine Arts Festival, Birmingham, MI
Wickford Art Festival, Kingstown, RI
Armonk Outdoor Art Show, Armonk, NY

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