"Flora No. 3" 2023 , Digital Original, 28”x28”
"Flora No. 2" 2023 , Digital Original , 28”x28”
 "Flora No. 1" 2022, Digital Original , 28”x28”
"Seed No. 2" 2022, Digital Original , 28”x28”
"Seed No. 1"2022 , Digital Original, 28”x28”
"Band Saw Causeway" 2022, Digital Original, 28”x36”
"Drop Hammer Forest" 2022, Digital Original, 36”x28”
"Marine Mechanics A" 2022, Digital Original, 28”x36”
"Marine Mechanics B" 2022, Digital Original,28”x36”
"Earthship Grinder" 2022, Digital Original, 28”x28”
"Gateway to Heaven" 2021, Digital Original, 28”x28”
"Winnower" 2022, Digital Original, 28”x28”
"Stinking Death" 2021, Digital Original,  28”x28”
"Pitcher Bog" 2021, Digital Original, 28”x28”
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"Lichen Pump" 2021, Graphite and pigment ink on paper, 18”x24”
"Bunt Blob" 2021,Graphite and pigment ink on paper , 18”x24”
"Octo-Presser" 2021,Graphite and pigment ink on paper , 18”x24”
"Punky Pommy" 2021, Graphite and pigment ink on paper, 16”x22”
No items found.
"Ball Cactus" 2013, Digital Original, 28”x40”
"Passion Turbo" 2013, Digital Original, 28”x40”
"Chestnut Grid" 2012, Digital Original, 28”x40”
"Biomimesis II No. 1" 2017, Digital Original, 28”x40”
" Biomimesis II No. 3" 2018, Digital Original, 28”x40”
"Spirit Egg View 01" 2014, Digital Original, 28”x40”
No items found.
"Wildflower No. 3" 2005, Digital Original, 17”x22”
"Dragonfly No. 1" 2012, Digital Original, 20”x26”
"Dragonfly No. 2" 2012, Digital Original, 20”x26”
"Dragonfly No. 3" 2012, Digital Original, 20”x26”
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Member Portfolio

Michelle Rothwell

Norwood, PA


Artist Statement

The primary source of my inspiration is the Natural World, the living
embodiment of Beauty, Truth, and Wisdom. All around us are connections —
seen and unseen— that reveal the very essence of Life.

I perceive Creativity as an unbounded, holistic process that is at the very core
of our personal experience as human beings. In general, creativity is present
whether a person expresses this impulse through art-making, through
witnessing art or through intense engagement with Life.

Essentially, my artistic practice is an exploration of Nature’s elegant forms,
materials, and ecosystems; the relative crudeness of man-made objects,
substances, and processes; and deep explorations into personal intuition and
imagination. Each piece reveals elements of whimsy and fantasy while
simultaneously revealing something innate to our ability for sensuality and
conscious awareness.

My art is created using a combination of 3D computer graphics —the same
software programs used to create Video Games, Visual Effects in film, and 3D-
Printed forms— and traditional materials of artistic mark-making such as ink,
graphite, and colored pencil on paper. Both the intricacy and precision of
digitally-generated forms and the immediacy and fluidity of hand-generated
physical representations delight me as an artist.

Artist Biography

Michelle Rothwell is a practicing Fine Artist whose work has been shown nationally in solo, juried, and group shows. She is the founder of Holistic Creativity, LLC —a dynamic program for creative healing and transformation— and the author of Holistic Creativity: A Complete Course for Inspired Productivity.
Michelle is an Associate Professor of Art, Media, and Design with nearly 20 years of college
teaching experience. During her career in academia, she created multiple degree programs for
several colleges and universities, designed dozens of courses, and mentored hundreds of
students. She is the founder of the Game Art BFA program at The University of the Arts in
Philadelphia, PA, USA.
Mrs. Rothwell has more than 30 years’ of experience in creative fields. She has served in a wide range of professional roles including Director of Information Architecture,
Interaction/Interface/Experience Designer, Virtual Reality Researcher, Product Developer, and
Freelance Artist and Designer. Her client list includes DuPont, Proctor & Gamble, GlaxoSmithKline, Merrill Lynch, AstraZeneca, SAP, Qwest Communications and Unisys.


Master of Industrial Design, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA, 1997
Bachelor of Art in Studio Art, University of Rhode Island, Kingstown, RI, 1989

Solo Shows

The Urgent Imperative, Dec 12, 2019 – Jan. 25, 2020, Esther Klein Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Virtual Sculptures, Aug. 31 – Oct. 16, 2015, President’s Gallery, The University of the Arts, Phila., PA
Biomimesis, April 3 – April 27, 2015, CRUXspace, Philadelphia, PA
Biomimesis//Sculptures on Paper, Sept. 10 - Oct. 7, 2013, Artworks, Trenton, NJ
Good Earth Gallery, May 5 – Jun. 15, 2003, Philadelphia, PA
The Fringe Festival, Solo Exhibition, Aug. 30 – Sept. 14, 2002, Ethical Society, Philadelphia, PA
Avenue of the Arts Festival, Solo Exhibition, Oct., 1997, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Juried Shows

13th Annual, International Botanicals Art Competition, Jan. 2023, Online
The Healing Power of ART inspired by NATURE, Jan. 1 – Mar. 1, 2023, Online
International Botanical Art Competition, Aug 2018, Online
Digital Original, May 12 – Jun. 18, 2018, Duke Gallery, Communitiy Art Center, Wallingford, PA
LACDA 2014 International Juried Exhibition, Mar. 13 – Apr. 6, 2014, Los Angeles, CA
Mercer County Artists 2014, Mar. 13 – Apr. 3, 2014, MCCC Gallery, NJ
3 Years + 3 Days, Feb. 4 – Feb. 7, 2014, NOoSPHERE ARTS, New York, NY
Paper Work, Nov. 16 – Jan. 5, 2014, The Trenton City Museum at Ellarslie, Trenton, NJ
Art for Art’s Sake, Apr. 9 – Jun. 5, 2010, Gallery 125, Trenton, NJ
Emerging Artists’ Show, Feb. 9 – Mar. 2, 2007, The SPACE Centre, New Richmond, WI
ArtsWest 27, Mar. 5 – Apr. 11, 2006, L. E. Phillips Library, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
The Photographic Process, Juried Exhibition, Aug. 4 - 31, 2002, Da Vinci Art Alliance, Philadelphia, PA

Group Shows

New Now VI, July 29 - September 9, 2023, InLiquid Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

UArts Faculty Exhibition, Aug. 30 – Oct. 14, 2017, Montgomery Community College, Blue Bell, PA

Faculty Show, Oct. 11 – Nov. 19, 2016, Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Faculty Show, Oct. 2 – 23, 2013, Grace Gallery @ NYC College of Technology, Brooklyn, NY

Contemporary Visions, Two-person show, Nov. 5 - Jan. 31, 2008, Univ. of Wisconsin-Marshfield Gallery

Northern/Southern Exposure, Sept. 14 – Oct. 5, 2006, Univ. of Wisconsin-Stout, Menominee, WI

Northern/Southern Exposure, Oct. 12 – Nov. 15, 2006, Univ. of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky

Faculty Show 2005, Group Show, Nov. 18 – Jan. 30, 2005, Furlong Gallery, University of Wisconsin-Stout

Food for the Soul, 2004 Art Walk Series, Aug. 19, 2004, Menomonie, WI

Faculty Show 2004, Group Show, Feb. 7 – Mar. 31, 2004, Furlong Gallery, University of Wisconsin-Stout

Women’s Studies, Group Show, Oct., 2003, Gallery 209, University of Wisconsin-Stout

From a Woman's Perspective, Group Exhibition, Apr. 4 - 30, 2003, Gallery 911 @ Revsin, Philadelphia, PA

Good Earth Gallery, Group Show, Dec. 3 – Jan. 15, 2003, Philadelphia, PA


“Best in Show”, Mercer County Artists 2014, Mar. 13 – Apr. 3, 2014, MCC College Gallery, NJ

One of “10 Artists to Watch”, 2014 International Juried Exhibition, Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts

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