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Satellite Events

Date: Thu, Oct, 8th
Time: 6:00 pm–9:00 pm
“What is freedom to you? How do you define someone who is unfree? Can a person, physically liberated, be more restricted than someone who is serving a jail sentence? Can an imprisoned person be more unconfined than someone walking around like you and me? Are we in control of our own mental space? Is it possible for us to break down years of conditioning and unlearn what we’ve picked up to create better conditions? With this collection we’re exploring those questions. A lot of the process for this series was creating pieces using masking tape that were then broken down and used to create better pieces. With this show we’ve documented a small section of our own search for the meaning and ultimately the realization of true freedom. As always, we hope you enjoy the show.”
Smashed Label is a duo consisting of brothers Crae and Corei Washington. They were raised in Bear, DE with pretty typical childhoods. They drew and painted as kids and continued to do so as they matured. They promote the message of being yourself in the midst of any and all scrutiny, ridicule and/or judgment. They speak for the people that don’t “fit in” to any particular group or category.
Their art explores the dualities in people and ideas. They experiment with perception and popular opinion, and shine a light on the positive aspects of widely perceived negative concepts and vice versa. Smashed Label has a colorful, illustrative style that often clashes with the subject matter they choose, which further demonstrates that everything has both a good and bad side that can be spun either way depending on what angle you’re viewing it from. They source inspiration from music, film, friends, family, strangers and pretty much everything. They also create in a number of mediums from graphic design, to acrylic paintings on canvas, wall murals and screen print tee shirt designs. The duo’s goal is to simply spread their art, and will continue to participate in events and functions that bring an awareness and understanding that art has the power to save lives.

Art For Action
A program inspired by InLiquid’s Juvenile In Justice (2013) exhibition, which was the proud winner of the 2014 PNC Arts Alive Award for Innovation in Honor of Peggy Amsterdam (Arts & Business Council of Greater Philadelphia). In light of recent education budget cuts in Philadelphia, arts education and programming have taken a step backward. As opportunities for individuals and youth to gain exposure to and appreciation for the arts are being diminished, it’s up to our communities to help replace these resource gaps and foster awareness around these issues. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, our project involves collaboration with various artists and organizations in Philadelphia, allowing us to diversify the accessibility of art programming and help connect youth and disadvantaged communities with local programs in their neighborhoods. Art For Action includes social justice art exhibitions and events, and interactive workshops, provided by InLiquid artist members, guest artists, and local art organizations. We are also developing arts education experiences and opportunities in alignment with our Art For Action exhibitions and programs. Our main partner venues include Crane Arts and the Painted Bride Art Center.


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