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Satellite Events

Join us on World Collage Day, May 9th, where InLiquid artist Constance Culpepper will be doing an Instagram takeover and giving a live demonstration on collaging. Perfect for a quarantine date or an activity with the kids, we welcome all who tune in to participate and share with InLiquid your creations!
Tune into InLiquid’s Instagram account ( at 2PM EST May 9th, 2020 to follow along!
If you’d like to participate, make sure to have:
– Flat space to work: desk, table, counter
– Cutting tools: Scissors, x-acto blade, hole punch (or just tear with your hands!)
– Adhesive: Glue, tape, DIY wheat paste (whatever you have!)
– Paper/fabric for cutting and design- Photographs, magazine images, newspaper, construction paper, wrapping paper, any paper you want to shred!
– Glue brush (optional, but preferable)
– Tweezers (optional)
– A “base” layer for your collage: Heavy stock paper, index card, cardboard, foam board, whatever!
Preparation Before the Event
– Find a reference image to inspire your collage: photo, image from magazine, newspaper, something online – can even be a work of art – that’s a great place to start!
– Choose the base material you will be gluing onto – so you will be ready to get started.
– Set up a workspace that’s ok if glue gets on it. Once I’m gluing, I like to have a small bowl of water, paper towels. If you don’t want glue to get on your surface, you can tape wax or parchment paper down and use it for gluing. Or newspaper in a pinch; you just want something clean you can throw away afterward.
About Constance Culpepper:
Philadelphia artist Constance Culpepper studied psychology and studio art at Southern Methodist University (B.A.) and received an M.A. in Clinical Developmental Psychology from Bryn Mawr College. Her collective work is an examination of domesticity and the commonalities of personal experience, informed from her background in psychology and her itinerant childhood in rural Texas and Southern Louisiana – filled with antiques, American quilts, and strong women. She was a featured artist at the 2016 Democratic National Convention Headquarters and recently worked for the Barnes Foundation and Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program. Culpepper is Director Emeritus of Philadelphia’s 3rd Street Gallery.
Artist Statement:
For me, home provides a respite from school, work and the fast-paced modern world, a place to breathe, unwind and play. It is where we surround ourselves with our personal effects, things we may not show to others, things we hold dear. It is a place where we can escape and dream.
I create make-believe places in my collages. Dreamlike worlds filled with colors, patterns, objects and nature. I invite you to enter and play: devise your own story of what is going on. Think and explore.
IG: @constanceculpepper


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