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Satellite Events

Opening reception: Wednesday, July 17, 6 – 7:30 pm, with light hors d’oeuvres and refreshments. FREE event!
This summer IHP is thrilled to present an InLiquid partnership exhibition of artist Jessica Demcsak and her painting show Suspension of Time. Demcsak is a visual artist based in Bridgewater, NJ. In light of recent natural disasters like Superstorm Sandy, her new paintings of buildings on firewood and construction materials reflect on man-made structures and the significance of how time is spent in them.
Demcsak elaborates in her artist’s statement:
“Time has become a precious commodity. In our increasingly busy, multi-tasking heavy life, there seems to be a desire to save time or fill it with technology. Many of today’s technologies can save time if utilized; however, there is a sense of disconnection and suspension of time when used. It is rare for time to be suspended in order to have a sense of peace and quiet without the intrusion of technology. When Superstorm Sandy came, time stopped.
The storm interrupted technology, lengthened time, and gave new meaning to strong shelter. Reflecting on that experience, I decided to begin painting on firewood and other raw building materials. Firewood symbolizes one of the most valuable commodities of times past that is now mostly overlooked except in an emergency. There is such beauty in these misshapen uneven pieces. I wanted to explore painting on their surface and elevate this wood to a final product instead of a means to an end.
With the rise of natural disasters comes increasing thought on the strength and importance of structures as well as the significance of how time is spent in them. The work created for this exhibit seeks to investigate these ideas and reflect on the past where although everyday activities took more time, there was a sense of connection and serenity.”
Gallery Hours at the International House are Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm. Admission is
FREE to International House art exhibitions.
Support provided in part by the Philadelphia Cultural Fund.


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