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Satellite Events

The 2016 Satellite Art Show is at The Parisian Hotel (Next door to Aqua): 1510 Collins Ave Miami Beach, Florida
PHILADELPHIA / MIAMI — InLiquid is proud to present recent works by three of our artist members at Satellite Art Fair in Miami – Melissa Maddonni Haims, Jill Taffet, and John Turner. Spread across rooms 37 and 39, our spaces are filled with works that are a product of each artist taking their respective conceptual impetus of an issue (whether social, phenomenological, or aesthetic) and placing it under a microscope. Linked foremost by their labored processes, we are confident that you’ll subsequently discover other threads of connections about the human condition through and between their intentions. The microcosm always hints at the macrocosm.
Room 37:
         Melissa Maddonni Haims is showing a new body of work in Room 37 at Satellite Fair. These soft sculptures, called IED’s, are knitted, crocheted, sewn, quilted, and embroidered. The IED’s are not improvised explosive devices, as the initialism might suggest, but rather the physical embodiment of internal rage.
         IED, Intermittent Explosive Disorder, is a behavioral diagnosis characterized by sudden episodes of impulsive, aggressive, violent behavior or angry verbal outbursts disproportionate to the situation. These pieces represent the exasperation and anger inside all of us. They are bound and coiled, cinched and sewn, trussed into awkward shapes. Each organ-like sculpture is raised on a pedestal to highlight the internal madness we seek to hide.
        John Turner is an abstract painter whose works play with perspective; they offer one impression when seen at a distance and convey quite a different meaning when viewed up close, similar to the way sound waves can appear as a thin line when seen from afar, but become cavernous when amplified hundreds of times.
Turner’s canvases are heavily manipulated. He works with string and applies layers of paint, dirt, industrial materials, and even hay. Turner’s process continues as he molds the surface by hand with scrapers; as each new layer of paint is applied and dries, the process is repeated vertically and horizontally. Some paintings have up to 50 coats of paint.
Room 39:
         Melissa Maddonni Haims, a Philadelphia based sculptor, is exhibiting a large-scale installation focused on the gun violence epidemic in America. Creep, a yearlong project documenting every child (age 0-17) killed by guns in 2015, will be on display in Room 39 of Satellite Fair.
         The installation is composed of dark-colored yarn crocheted into soft spheres that at once resemble buckshot sprayed across a wall or an aggressive, impervious disease. Every day, on average, 7.7 children are killed by a gun. “These are not my children. This is not my tragedy. But, collectively as Americans, we are all accountable for their deaths until we can enact sensible gun laws that treat these children as if they were our own”.
        Jill Taffet is showing a new series of motion paintings and media installations inspired by the mysteries of existence, particularly relating to biology and the science of life.
        By hand-drawing abstract biomorphic forms, Taffet involves herself in personal and intimate ways with her work, intuitively connecting individual images and sequencing them to give them life and vitality as if they were sentient beings. Together these animated forms create art that moves, lives, and breathes in immersive and interactive ways.
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