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InLiquid is proud to present Rendering Home, works by InLiquid artist member Julia Fox, which is the first solo exhibition of a new partnership with Rittenhouse 1715. The works in Rendering Home are about the artist’s reinvigoration of her art practice, as well as a rediscovery of the concept of “home” after feeling as though she lost sense of the concept altogether. For these works, Julia Fox blurs the lines between painting and sculpture while leaning on her subconscious in their inception. Each piece acts as a memory, snapshot, or sensation, describing urbanity as a place of comfort despite absurdities. Having physically stemmed from the shredded remnants of two former paintings by Fox, these works tell a story of picking up the pieces, of going back in order to go forward.

About Julia Fox:
Julia Fox received a BA in both art history and studio art from SUNY Albany in 2014. A native of Long Island, NY, she is currently living and working in Philadelphia, PA. Fox has recently shown at The AUTOMAT and Urban Gallery & Books in Philadelphia, PA, and is a founding member of Leyline, an artist collective.
About Rittenhouse 1715:
Tucked away on a quiet street off Rittenhouse Square, our boutique hotel is ideal for a relaxing night’s sleep. You’ll also enjoy all the enchantments of one of the city’s most celebrated neighborhoods with 5-heart service.
Branding 5-heart service envisions a philosophy of how we serve our guests and each other to create an ideal environment for work and leisure. Are we perfect? No. But we have the opportunity to progress every day not to be overtaken by human fallibility and petty distractions but to reach a higher ground of respectability and compassion for our guests and each other alike.
Historically, hotels are meant to provide a traveler’s basic needs: food and shelter away from home. But at Rittenhouse 1715, we offer more, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a warm, inviting atmosphere, with all the comforts of home designed to pamper you in every way.


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