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InLiquid presents Insects Too Lovely To Repel at River’s Edge Gallery, featuring the work of PD Packard. Working intuitively with imagery and language, Packard’s unique artwork is a personal exploration of the natural world. Packard combines printmaking techniques of drypoint etching, embossing, and relief with painting staining, and dyeing to create works of ephemera and contemplation.
Artist Statement
“One may find something quite hideous about bugs but I choose to see beauty, horror and even love in a world that parallels our own.”
Much of Packard’s inspiration comes from insects collected near her home at Prospect Park’s Long Meadow in Brooklyn, New York. With the casual study of entomology, she has seen and heard bats catching dragonflies mid-air, cicadas metamorphosing from the beetle’s hard shell to the insect itself, and male katydids loudly producing the sound “Katy did it” by rubbing their wings together. After these experiences in the park, Packard will never again look at Long Meadow as just a pretty, green lawn.
Packard has a natural love for watercolor, but she never strays far from printmaking. For each insect painting Packard has created a custom designed mat made from the printmaking technique called blind embossing, where the paper is printed without ink and the image leaves an impression on the paper. Statements about unconditional love, a principle that she is committed to expressing in her work, can be seen subtly throughout many of the mats.
PD Packard’s vibrant insect paintings are created with sumi-e ink and watercolor on kozo paper, mixed with natural and aniline dyes.
Packard’s work has been exhibited throughout the States and Internationally; Tate Britain Museum, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Newport Museum of Fine Art, RI, 110 Church Gallery, Philadelphia, Minnesota Center for Book Arts, MN, Blackburn 20/20, NYC, A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, Silvermine Art Center, CT, Springfield Art Museum, MO, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, Boston University’s 808 Gallery, Parallax Art Fair NYC, Printmaking Center of New Jersey, CBK Amsterdam Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Guanlan Original Printmaking Base, Shenzhen, China, Taller Galeria Fort, Cadaqués, Spain, Inbe Art Space, Tokushima, Japan.
PD Packard


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