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Opening reception: Wednesday, April 16, 6 – 8pm
InLiquid presents From Rio to Brotherly Love, a solo photography exhibition by Daniel Gafanhoto, at International House Philadelphia from April 16 – June 28, 2014. From Rio to Brotherly Love is a show about two cities; two major cities that are very globally known. One is Gafanhoto’s hometown in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, and the other his first home city in the United States, Philadelphia. Through vibrant, stylized photographs, this show captures the unique landscapes of these two distinct cities, while simultaneously suggesting their similarities.
Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Daniel Gafanhoto moved to the USA almost three years ago. He studied Social Sciences for two years, but realized that he always wanted to mix this interest with the visual arts—choosing photography, which allows him to both express himself and work with art and sociology simultaneously. Gafanhoto’s current works focus on cityscapes and their interaction with nature, architecture, and many varieties of subjects in close-up, which are then edited, processed, and manipulated using several programs. Gafanhoto’s art comes after the initial capture, for it is more about how he inserts his memories and feelings towards the subject through the post-process techniques he applies, creating representations of personal visions that document his experiences with his surroundings.
Gafanhoto states, “My current subjects sometimes create interest because they are already known, [yet are] depicted in a non-obvious way. It’s hard to believe that [viewers] will share the same feelings I had when the picture was made, but having additional emotions felt towards the images and understanding that [the photos] are not just stills of subjects, that there is a deeper history behind each photograph, is one of my main goals.”
Gallery Hours at the International House are Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm. Admission is
FREE to International House art exhibitions.


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