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Satellite Events

Second Thursday reception: August 14, 6-9pm
Mark Havens Out of Season is a sprawling series of photographs taken over seven years exploring Wildwood, NJ in its off season. The photographs examine mid-century modernist architecture, parking lots, and signs, much of which have since been demolished. Utterly absent of human presence, yet still fully furnished and fully lit, Out of Season offers a captivating, bizarre, and nostalgic documentation of a thin slice of time.
A slide show of Out of Season sequenced from dawn to night will play on the Media Wall at Commerce Square during Center City District Sips, beginning Wednesday, July 16, through August 20.
Three short slideshows of Out of Season will screen on the Kimmel Cube throughout the month of August. The slideshows will feature imagery particular to the time of day, one for the morning, one for the afternoon, and one for the night. The sensitivity to the time of day further emphasizes the importance of time and place inherent to the series.
The public hours for Crane Arts are noon – 6 pm, Wednesday – Saturday, and until 9 pm on the Second Thursday of each month.


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