Wharton Esherick Museum’s 30th Annual Juried Woodworking Exhibition

January 5, 2024
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For the Wharton Esherick Museum’s 30th Annual Juried Woodworking Exhibition, we invite you to think about the rhythms that shape your creative practice. How do the rhythms of life – whether the daily movements, from waking to sleep, or the larger rhythms of shifting seasons or other cycles – show up in your work? Does making artwork help you capture rhythms, or keep you “on time”? Are there specific rhythms that you center in your creative work? What visual or material rhythms speak loudest through the works you create? We encourage applicants to think about this idea broadly, and hope you’ll submit entries across the spectrum of approaches to this theme, from literal to interpretive. We look forward to seeing it all.

Jurors Jennifer-Navva Milliken, Executive Director and Chief Curator of the Museum for Art in Wood, and Kimberly Winkle, a maker who creates furniture and objects using wood and paint as well as Professor and Director of the School of Art, Craft & Design at Tennessee Technological University, along with Emily Zilber, WEM’s Director of Curatorial Affairs and Strategic Partnerships, will select the finalists for the exhibition from the images submitted using a blind jury process.

The competition is open to both emerging and established makers across all artistic disciplines, so long as wood is part of the finished piece.

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