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January 1, 2030
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The Sam & Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts

In 2012 the Sam & Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts opened its doors to a one-of a-kind artist residency for artists working in paint. In the beautiful rolling hills of central New York and just several hundred yards from the Golden Artist Colors manufacturing facility, a 19th century barn has been transformed into a 21st century artist residency, with large studio spaces and private apartments for each artist. Artists-in-residence will participate in a completely unique opportunity to explore the widest, most innovative range of materials and technology available today for professional artists working with paint.

About the Residency

The Golden Foundation Residency Program is specifically designed to assist the professional artist in discovering and exploring a wide array of materials and technologies available today.

Our residencies are based on the exploration of innovative uses in waterborne materials, oil paint technology, and now, PanPastel.  Residents will discover processes that will challenge the way they think about art materials. They will be introduced to resources that will open up advanced methods and new channels for expression in the creative process.

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