Reimagining Reentry Fellowship 2023

February 18, 2024
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Mural Arts’s Restorative Justice program is seeking artists who are returning from incarceration to apply for the Reimagining Reentry Fellowship, generously funded by Art for Justice. The goal of this fellowship is to support formerly incarcerated artists applying their creative practices to address critical issues of mass incarceration. Artists will create bold new public works to shift the narrative around contemporary criminal justice and incarceration while considering personal, communal, and systemic connections, illuminating the human cost and potential solutions. The fellow’s work will be based on a project or idea from the artist, culminating in a mural relative to their practice with accompanying public programming across Philadelphia. Artists will work with the Restorative Justice Department Project Manager and Director to identify the project scope and implementation strategy, and plan the production and installation of the determined project. Through the program, artists are able to collaborate with Mural Arts’ long-running Guild reentry program and artists incarcerated at SCI Phoenix. Mural Arts will engage its network of artists, past Fellows, and cultural organizations to support and work directly with the Fellow based on need and interest; professional development opportunities will be determined.The artist chosen will be paid a stipend of $10,000 and will be allotted $20,000 to fund the project in addition to other career and education opportunities, as needed.

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