Percent for Art Rebuild Project Manager

June 28, 2024
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The Office of Arts, Culture, and the Creative Economy seeks a full-time Percent for Art Rebuild Project Manager who will be assigned to manage specific Percent for Art projects. This position will support an increase in the City’s public art projects due to Philadelphia’s Rebuild program, a historic capital investment in the city’s community facilities which has triggered Percent for Art requirements. Under supervision, the Percent for Art Rebuild Project Manager will be responsible for managing aspects of the day-to-day tasks that will lead to successful, permanent, site-specific public art installations at these City-owned sites. The Percent for Art Rebuild Project Manager will be supervised directly by the Public Art Director and will work closely with both the Public Art Director and Assistant Public Art Director to successfully complete tasks. Responsibilities include coordinating artists' submissions, managing meetings and communications with artists and Percent for Art Committees, preparing materials for community engagement, and speaking at events with the public.

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