Fob Holder Program

August 7, 2024
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Program at a glance

  • Functioning as a hybrid work/trade exchange and residency program, Fob Holders commit to working a minimum of 8 scheduled hours per week in the studio in exchange for unlimited 24 hour access.
  • Mondays will be closed to the public and members so that the Fob Holders have dedicated time to work.
  • Each Fob Holder cohort hosts an exhibition of their work.
  • Fob holders are encouraged to be involved beyond monitoring the studio by contributing to other aspects of the organization such as assisting with special events, improving the studios, or providing general administrative support.
  • Selected applicants must make a four-month commitment to SSP and are expected to contribute to the studio community beyond their personal practice.
  • Basic knowledge of printmaking techniques is required. Technical assistance is not included in the program, but process demonstrations are available.

Fob Session Dates & Deadlines

Dates: September 18th - January 12th
Application Deadline: August 7th

Dates: January 15 - May 12
Application Deadline: November 15th

Dates: May 14 - September 15
Application Deadline: March 15

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