RFQ: Sharswood Mural and Placemaking Project

June 2, 2024
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Please note that applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, and opportunities will be awarded as they become available, so early application is encouraged.

Mural Arts is partnering with the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) to invest in new public art projects in Sharswood ​over the next two years. These art projects are part of the area’s ongoing transformation occurring through the improvement of distressed public housing and the addition of new residences, shopping and community spaces. Mural Arts is working with PHA as part of the Sharswood Blumberg Choice Neighborhoods Transformation Plan.

The project aims to develop multiple artworks and placemaking initiatives that bring value to the community of Sharswood. Projects are being considered for public buildings, community parks, and open spaces, as well as along the Ridge Avenue commercial corridor. The themes could highlight the neighborhood’s history, issues important to the community now, and people’s visions for the future.

The purpose of this a cal is to create a roster of artists – including muralists and artists who work in materials such as mosaic, metal, wood, fabric, and graphics – who would be interested in working with the Sharswood community for the creation of murals or other artworks, activations or installations within community spaces. Projects could be permanent or temporary.

Mural Arts will convene a panel to review all applicants’ materials. All applications that meet our selection criteria will be placed on the roster we are creating. If you are placed on the roster, you will be contacted when opportunities become available, with detailed information about the scope of work, roles, timing, and payment for that opportunity, and you will be asked to let us know if you are interested in being considered for the opportunity. If you are interested in being considered for the opportunity, you will be placed on a list of finalists who would be interviewed and/or asked to submit proposals. Artists who are asked to submit a proposal will be compensated, and artists who are selected will receive an agreed-upon stipend in addition to a budget for materials and supplies necessary to complete the artwork.

This roster will take the place of individual RFQS for each project. Because the nature and timing of the projects we will undertake are not completely known, Mural Arts cannot guarantee that every artist who joins the roster will be offered an opportunity, nor that the timing or budgets will be suitable to all interested artists.

Application deadline: June 2, 2024, 11:59 pm

For questions or concerns, please contact us at phil.asbury@muralarts.org.

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