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May 19, 2024
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InLiquid is excited to announce the upcoming exhibition, Voice of the People, celebrating the diverse perspectives and artistic expressions that mirror the ever-evolving landscape of American politics. This exhibition invites current InLiquid artist members to submit works that engage with the theme in various ways.

We encourage artists to explore the essence of democratic processes, civic engagement, and the myriad voices that contribute to the tapestry of American democracy. Submissions might engage with scenes of elections, community involvement, or any aspect that captures the spirit of democracy in action. For example, a series of works capturing the energy and diversity of voters at polling stations, illustrating the vibrancy of democratic participation.

ELIGIBILITY: This opportunity is open to current InLiquid artist members working in any medium. Artists may submit 5 - 15 works for consideration to be included in Voice of the People at the InLiquid Gallery. Submissions will be juried by the InLiquid programming department based on the application's merit and the exhibition's overall balance. 

Submission Deadline: 05/19/24

Notification of Acceptance: 07/14/25

Run of Show: 10/18/24 - 11/23/24 

Second Thursday Reception: 11/14/24

To apply, please click here to submit your work for consideration.

We look forward to receiving your thought-provoking submissions that contribute to the collective Voice of the People.

For inquiries, please contact Clare Finin clare@inliquid.org

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