At the Edge of Light and Darkness

February 16, 2024
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The Center for Emerging Visual Artists welcomes Artist Members working in all visual media to apply to the 2024 Members Exhibition, At the Edge of Light and Darkness, juried by Philadelphia Artist, Curator, Designer, and Founder of Chimaera Gallery, Angela McQuillan.

The personal journey is an essential aspect of human existence, serving as a means of self-discovery and growth. Joseph Campbell, the renowned mythologist, introduced the concept of "the hero's journey," which identifies a universal narrative structure that transcends cultural boundaries. In this archetypal narrative, a hero embarks on an adventure, faces challenges and trials, ultimately undergoing transformation and returning home with newfound wisdom and insight. This framework mirrors the significance of personal journeys in our lives, as we too embark on our individual quests for meaning, purpose, and self-realization.

When embarking on our personal journeys, we navigate the intricate landscapes of our own psyches, confronting our inner dragons, and forging paths through unchartered territories. Just as the hero's journey is marked by pivotal moments of growth and self-discovery, our personal journeys are defined by experiences that challenge us to evolve, learn, and ultimately become the heroes of our own stories. These journeys allow us to connect with our innermost aspirations and values, shedding light on the depths of our character and the limitless potential within. In essence, the personal journey illuminates the transformative power of self-exploration, emphasizing that the quest for self-knowledge is a timeless and universal pursuit that unites humanity across cultures and generations.”

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