Julia Zagar Residency for Women Artists

March 31, 2024
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The Julia Zagar Residency for Women Artists was developed in 2016 by community leader, entrepreneur, and arts supporter, Julia Zagar. A trip to Mexico when she was 19 years old ignited Zagar’s lifelong passion for the country and its culture, and she later received her BFA from The University of the Americas in Mexico City. This experience, followed by three years of service in the Peace Corps in Peru in the 1960s prompted her support of international folk artists and the collection of their work. For the last 50 years Zagar has cultivated relationships with artisans throughout Latin America, encouraging their work and exposing Philadelphia to their talent.

The goal of the residency is to support contemporary female artists working in the tradition of handcrafting and folk art, with a particular focus on Mexican and South American artisans. Those selected are invited to stay in Philadelphia, engage with the city, and present an exhibition at Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens.

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