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January 1, 2030
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Arts Letters & Numbers was founded in 2011. At that point the summer workshop was the driving force of the organization. When the facilities grew so did the program. In 2015 the first Artist in Residence arrived. Since then we have continuously been cultivating this program to encourage individual and collaborative creation: to think, make and act alongside others within a community. The program has brought together artists from a wide range of disciplines, to ask and engage their questions, create and share their work. When people are free to act, interact with and support one another, new works and ideas emerge.

A warm Victorian home, a big white barn and a textile mill turned studio space await your creative practice. Away from the distractions of life, surrounded by woods, hiking and lakes the Residency is designed to provide creative opportunities while developing meaningful relationships with other artists and local community. With the freedom to shape one's workspace in the historic Faith Mills complex and the ability to work outdoors, the Residency program at ALN cultivates individual and collaborative explorations as well as shared dinners, and bonfire conversations as dimensions of the creative process. We welcome artists and thinkers from all disciplines to pursue and build upon their questions.

Duration of Residency

2 - 12 Weeks

Residency Fee (After May 15; Before September 3)

$350 (shared room) per week

$475 (private room) per week

$550 (private room for couples) per week

3 communal meals per week will be provided for all residents and program participants that will be on site between May 15 - Sept. 3.

'Spring/Fall Residency Fee" (Before May 15; After September 3)

$300 (shared)

$400 (private)

$450 (private couple)

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